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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Weather: Blur is occasionally fair

Temperature: Around 30 degrees Celsius

Water temperature: Around 27 degrees Celsius


Hello, everybody.

Despite September, days when the lingering summer heat is severe continue Zamami still more.

Meanwhile, *shusaka (manjushage) of garden bloomed.

It was moment when we felt autumn arrival while it was hot.


Komatsu cup youth yacht racing and experience-based test-ride event of yacht were performed in Old Zamami on September 1 on last Saturday and Sunday, 2nd in summer vacation.

It is thing planned in June, but is meeting postponed under the influence of typhoon.


By experience-based test-ride event of yacht, little child lower than primary schoolchild had yacht of player carry on board and was taught pleasure of yacht.


Six people from future yachtsman primary schoolchild fourth grader to ninth grader challenged 5 races to yacht racing for two days.



3 race plans cancel most of the first day in 1 race with calm.

Players who made a goal were fatigue for fight by yacht which did not advance at all.



There was not wind, and the beginning of start was worried about on the second day, but good wind gradually blew, and race advanced smoothly.


We read wind and read wave and handled small yacht of one-passenger at will and were touched by figure which believed oneself, and charged.

"Do your best!"

Loud voice comes out unintentionally.


As for championship, congratulations depths Taichi!

It is consecutive championships four times!



Camp of Japan's national team of yacht is carried out every year in Zamami.

We cannot help hoping that player of representative from Japan is elected from player of Zamami youth yacht in the future.


The headquarters helped with measurement of the direction of the wind, the wind velocity, start preparations and goal by ship, but they felt close, and greatness of wind was healed by blue of the sea, and they were two days when they were impressed to fight of player.


There was little one to see, but will you not come for viewing by all means next year?




Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Weather: Blur is occasionally fair

Temperature: Around 30 degrees Celsius

Water temperature: Around 27 degrees Celsius


Hello, everybody.

September begins and sees figure which dragonfly flies about under the blue sky.

Hotter sunlight continues, but by some signs of autumn approach, too.


Meanwhile, in Aka Island, Aka Island enjoying the cool breeze festival was held on Saturday, September 1.

It is held in park under Aka Ohashi, but park where Kerama dimosquito appears frequently when it is always the evening is full of islanders dressed in yukata today.



This year host "candy, Ishikawa"

It is appearance with wonderful yukata this year.



In addition, tenant of drinking is number of the greens exhibition, too!

Indispensable menu of curry, yakisoba, Frankfurt, green soybeans and festival in a row.

Besides, I was able to buy at price that was kind to wallet♪

As it was hot this year, sales of beer were great><)



What gave glory to start of festival from sum drum dance with whale drum of Aka Geruma Island. . .

Powerful drumbeat tells everybody about start of festival.



By festival in folk song, Bon festival dance and YMCA children on tower

We show dance!

Festival of this year is hot, too!





And come-on is yukata contest.

While we are doing Bon festival dance, examination committee parades around the venue and examines yukata beautiful woman of this year.


It is ... to have been chosen happily

Pretty yukata daughter to stage.


The last of festival completes in "mime mime" "kachashi".

It was Aka enjoying the cool breeze festival that was drenched with sweat, and became lively this year.



Person that I was not able to accept the next village, please participate in lantern mark next year this year.




Blog update: Miyashita


Friday, August 24, 2018

Weather: Fine weather

Temperature: Around 32 degrees Celsius

Water temperature: Around 27 degrees Celsius


Hello, everybody.

nakabi, tomorrow send today in Okinawa at the Bon Festival of the old calendar and are Woo stake of tray.

It is full of people going home in island.


By the way, Zamami island festival held on fine day between typhoons came over to various places where there was many this year.

Preparations did not always go as we want, and we were very busy with preparations the day before, but we got cooperation of much one, and on the day venue was able to be in time under the influence of typhoon to 8/16.



Each tenant assembles in full force this time in venue!

Which which there was have a lot of new menus been wondering whether to have, too?

And lines many for quoits game that is quite popular with children from the opening! .

(^^) that toy which shined enlivened the venue

IMG_5490.JPG IMG_5491.JPG

IMG_5492.JPG IMG_5493.JPG

IMG_5495.JPG IMG_5497.JPG 

IMG_5499.JPG IMG_5500.JPG

IMG_5501.JPG IMG_5504.JPG

We install privilege booth of islander member this year at venue entrance.

Many members used.



In addition, host meets "Yuki Azuma Megumi" whom personality is made in Radio Okinawa this year,

Festival was moved.



Start of festival "hiheiryo*shiko*maidojo of Tamaki style Japanese yen"

Camera eyes of tourist are hot for dance of Okinawa.



Successively "Ka Piko Ao Hiwa"

Voices of cute ... appear one after another for dance of child. There was child of the first debut this time, too♪

In addition, Fra team "pirirani participates, too".

He/she showed unhurried hula this time.

Dance of adult was solid-looking, and it was wonderful.



"Otho-ya Kimino is" of Zamami festival participation of last year came back this year.

It is person from front row for the end game! Person! Person!


And having shown singing voice that was cool this year

Onstage of "Miyu Kitani is rare"!

Appearance that we power up this time. . .


... which got sick from singing voice this year


Zamami Island EISA club does not lose, too.

Sound of EISA resounds in night sky; in the venue together

"Toast that there is!"

IMG_5538.JPG IMG_5539.JPG

IMG_5544.JPG IMG_5545.JPG


The live last is the diva "Aragaki Minami" live concert in Zamami Island

Call of "minamichan" does not die out at one time as it was islander.

Fan gains weight again here?



Uncle potato grandmother looks forward to the finale of Zamami festival, too

Fireworks which colored night sky were washed ashore.


Month and star appeared and were able to enjoy fantastic night sky this year.

I am sorry that we cannot tell with picture><)


Everybody, please come next year to enjoy Zamami Island Festival together.

We wait for the next village. . .



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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Weather: Blur is occasionally rainy

Temperature: Around 32 degrees Celsius

Water temperature: Around 27 degrees Celsius


Hello, everybody.

It became all high-speed ship, ferry, mitsushima flight suspension of service under the influence of typhoon 14 today.

In addition, typhoon 15 occurs afterwards, too.

You have you confirm weather forecast when come over to Okinawa, and please be careful about typhoon information.



It is right in the middle in summer vacation and is full of families.

Meanwhile, in 7/25 pokke104 of zamami village sightseeing ambassador, illustrator

He/she held workshop with Aka Island sangoyuntaku building.


44 people in all participate in workshop of the plan first in summer vacation.

Cut cloth for felt, and cut colored paper, and put, and attach; and ...♪


2018081202.jpg 2018081203.jpg


We dealt with favorite work.

This is usable by homework of summer vacation; ... (^^;


The plan second is story-telling party in "anagoroketto" picture-story show in 7/29 in summer vacation

★It was held with work workshop gasangoyuntaku building of Japanese spaniel sea eel and Nishiki sea eel.



Both child and adult listened attentively by story-telling.

We challenge work of various creatures afterwards!


What is made kana ~? ? ?


2018081213.jpg 2018081215.jpg

Yes, turnip is cheese in finished aspect together!


We hold workshop with mosangoyuntaku building in August.

★Pandanus tectorius leaf bracelet workshop★

For 8/10 Friday from 14:00 to 15:30 (the end held by full thanks!)

8/31 Friday from 14:00 to 15:30

To the first six people, it is entrance fee 800 yen



★aman theater and coral sugoroku★

8/21 Tuesday from 10:00 to 15:30

Entrance fee for free

The details are ... aman theater and coral sugoroku


Though the sea is good, please drop in at cool-down a little.

Inquiry & reception desk
Kerama Islands national park visitor center sangoyuntaku building
TEL098-987-3535 (9: 00~17: 00)


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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Weather: Fine weather to cloudy weather

Temperature: Around 32 degrees Celsius

Water temperature: Around 27 degrees Celsius


Hello, everybody.

Hot day continues every day.

There are many topics of heat stroke measures on TV day after day. You take moderate water, and you take a rest in cool place, and please be careful about physical condition management.


By the way, umachi was performed in Aka Island in June on July 27 while hot day continued.

This is still inherited by traditional event to be practiced on June 15 in the old calendar carefully.

umachi prayed for good harvest and big catch prayer, prosperity of island in June, and "sukudoi" "Buddha's wish for salvation of the world Barrie" was performed led by roe deer and islander of island.

sukudoi 2.JPG

(^^) which it was islander of role of messenger from the sea where whole body was painted black, but seemed to be black by ... already summer sunlight that color was black from the cause this year every year

sukudoi 3.jpg

After having invited messenger from God, you offer hospitality, and please return to the sea.

sukudoi (1). JPG

We cleanse the body afterwards in ufuga (well) after "Buddha's wish for salvation of the world Barrie" being performed in front of the menu beach from the evening, and rowing Harley ship, and leaving for Geruma island, and performing hai mio in Geruma island, and coming back to Aka island.

The well circumference. JPG

Night is beginning of party in in front of menu beach.

Night banquet. JPG

It wants you to inherit for a long time in future event of islander spending sharing with nature.


We plan Aka Island enjoying the cool breeze festival in Aka Island on Saturday, September 1.

Do you not enjoy Bon festival dance in yukata under bridge?


(state of enjoying the cool breeze festival of last year)


Blog update: Miyashita



Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Weather: Fine weather

Temperature: Around 32 degrees Celsius

Water temperature: Around 27 degrees Celsius


Hello, everybody.

July begins and is Okinawa where there is influence of typhoon in almost every week,

As it was summer vacation, we want to expect slightly stable weather soon.


By the way, terrace of Aka island nishibamabichi which we constructed from last year is completed at last

Opening ceremony was practiced on Tuesday, July 24.

nishibamaterasu 2.jpg

Blessed with weather, tape cutting and greetings from mayor Miyazato were performed on terrace where Kerama blue shined in neatly.




Terrace has spacious space, and it is relaxing in space that can enjoy time of beach.



nishibamaterasu 1.jpg

As this beach of a 20-minute walk can come in a day from Naha from Aka Port

Tourists come to Aka Island by all means, too.


In addition, we began sale of tumbler with Aka Island sangoyuntaku building this time♪


Do you not feel sea breeze to tumbler one hand leisurely in nishibamabichi?



Blog update: Miyashita


Saturday, June 30, 2018

Weather: Blur is occasionally rainy

Temperature: Around 32 degrees Celsius

Water temperature: Around 26 degrees Celsius


Hello, everybody.

The 41st Zamami yacht racing that we planned was called off under outbreak and influence of Typhoon No. 7 today.



In addition, as this Typhoon No. 7 becomes direct hit course in Kerama Islands over 7/1

Everybody coming to Okinawa, please be careful.


1807-00 .png



By the way, the 19th sabani sail row race carried out was held last week on Sunday, June 24.

We were worried when it might become Shimauchi race until the day before, but there was wish, and it was race to safety Naha.

haishin and starting ceremony of voyage security are carried out in Old Zamami beach from 8:30, and race starts at 9:00.


We aimed at goal, and participation team 35 boat has begun to row all at once.



In addition, we install GPS in kakutei this year and can confirm positional information of kakutei even if on the land

With "smartphone yacht racing" was equipped with, and had way of enjoying unusual meetings.




In addition, race results of sabani sail row race are as follows.

1 ikaiso    Time three hours 04 minutes 10

Look at second place state; circle time three hours 08 minutes 07

3 ijokaiso time three hours 12 minutes 03


We could hold night party this year, too and became prosperous very much this year.


Look at sabani sail row race official site.



Blog update: Miyashita


Sunday, May 27, 2018

Weather: Fine weather

Temperature: Around 30 degrees Celsius

Water temperature: Around 24 degrees Celsius


Hello, everybody.

Fine weather of these past several days is ... by weather forecast until today, too

It is weather forecast of rainy-season sky from tomorrow, will it really rain? ? ?


By the way, in zamami village Tourism Association, it revised rate of baggage to take at window from H30 four a year 28 days a month.

In addition, we introduce locker newly in Aka Port terminal.

Rate of baggage to take varies according to size. When I do not finish entering with locker, I take with hasangoyuntaku building.

After having checked out of accommodation, in the case of baggage custody until time for ship, please use.

※Custody until from 9:00 a.m. to the evening 17:00.


As privilege of member for zamami village islanders net member with baggage to take with Zamami Island tourist information center and Aka Island sangoyuntaku building

I take in free of charge.

(in the case of the some lockers use, paid)


Please contact zamami village Tourism Association if you have any questions.

TEL: 098-987-2277


Blog update: Miyashita

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Weather: Fine weather

Temperature: Around 30 degrees Celsius

Water temperature:


We want to crawl!

The rainy season is Zamami of fine weather as I do not think today.

Though we are anxious about shortage of water, it is fine……It is the gladdest that it falls with a rushing sound at midnight that it is fine in morning, but it is readily difficult.


By the way, "class of first Island food" was held in Zamami Island on 20th.

For the purpose of widening possibility of dishes using local ingredients, we learned how to make onion ricemalt.

IMG_9530 (002). JPG

Materials only as for three of onion, salt, polished rice ricemalt.

At first we minced onion finely, but everybody skill was too good and was over in no time and was surprised lecturer.

IMG_9532 (002). JPG

We can enter salt and polished rice ricemalt which we mixed well afterward and mix more and mix.

Only as for this.

Though it is easy, it is usable in various ways, and vegetables nito is very convenient for fish to meat.


We had salt with ricemalt which onion ricemalt and lecturer whom each person made cooked as souvenir.

IMG_9533 (002). JPG

For approximately one week, it was usually to have possibilities to be completed in 3-4 days as it was high temperature Okinawa.

And when fermentation advances, taste seems to increase more and will look forward to now.

IMG_9534 (002). JPG

We utilize ingredients of island and want to enjoy delicious thing only in island.

And we want you to taste toward the world that can come to Zamami.


Blog update: Konishi

Monday, May 21, 2018

Weather: Cloudy weather

Temperature: Around 29 degrees Celsius

Water temperature: Around 23 degrees Celsius



Is cuttlefish of everybody getting along?

It was rain after a long absence today from morning.

Though the rainy season set in for these past several days, it was weather of the empty rainy season without rain,

At last, blessed with rain, are some worry of shortage of water cancellation, too?


By the way, the second performed Kerama blue cup in Zamami was held safely late last week.

It is weather dimly from morning on that day.


When it rained was start while we worried,

Weather is restored from the afternoon, too and feels temporarily relieved.


SUP team "oar participates at meeting from many foreign players, Japanese top player and island, too".

We heaped up meeting lace.




As for the race result, please see this.



Race for the primary schoolchild lower grades or Sapp yoga were carried out on the second day, too and enjoyed Sapp.


Summer who has not done SUP (stand-upper paddle boat) yet in one where activity is planned is enjoyed in right or wrong, the sea of Kerama, and how will from now on?

In the next year, race participation is not dream, too!



Reservation of ship from late July starts soon, too.

Do you finish reservation of accommodation and ship?

We will come from now on in top season! We wait for the next village of everybody.


Blog update: Miyashita


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