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Monday, January 14, 2019


Weather: Blur is occasionally fair

Temperature: Around 20 degrees Celsius

Water temperature: Around 25 degrees


A Happy New Year.

We will do our best to send seasonal information of zamami village to all of you in this year.

Thank you in advance.


Weather was Okinawa region that was not good enough for New Year holidays of this year, but how would all of you be getting along?

The New Year parade of fire brigades was held in zamami village on January 8.



For one year, each point check and training was carried out this year so that there was not disaster, accident.

We would like Safety First for members of firefighting team, one year of this year!



In addition, on Friday, January 11

With Aka Island sangoyuntaku building whale watching Festa opening ceremony

It was performed.


While it was watched by many people, "whale town difference" was performed safely.




During whale watching Festa period panel exhibition holding and contest of photograph, picture,

We are going to hold music festival on Saturday, March 23.



Association of whale watching opened from December 27, last year

Because of unfortunate weather and stormy weather, there was not readily communication of whale discovery,

After opening ceremony, discovery information of humpback whale becomes available.

We finally come in whale season!

About whale watching in zamami village,

Reservation, please refer to association of zamami village whale watching.

HP: http://zwwa.okinawa/


Announcement simultaneous for pokke104 design, 2,019 years of everybody that you are waiting impatiently for as for the whale calendar!


As you distribute in one piece-limited per person with zamami village tourist information center, sangoyuntaku building, please drop in at zamami village when you come.

Those who wish to mail in islander member, please contact islander desk by email.

As number is limited, come early.

We wait for your next village.


Blog update: Miyashita


Thursday, December 27, 2018

Weather: Fine weather

Temperature: Around 21 degrees Celsius

Water temperature: Around 25 degrees Celsius



Is cuttlefish of everybody getting along?

Christmas is over, too, and there are only several days left this year.

Nationwide cold wave comes over; is forecasted.

Cold general cleaning.

We will try so hard that we do not catch cold!


Acceptance of "island atchii" began in 12/15 in Zamami Island.

Tour of Zamami Island of December is 2 tours of 12/15 ... and 12/22 ...

Contents are the same as 2 tours.

Titled "two days ♪" coming in contact with Nature in families on foot leisurely with guide

We go to observation deck while observing plant and butterfly, bird, and there is teatime with leaf of guide handmade mulberry on the way and,

Have harvest wild grass, and cook in take-out, accommodation, and eat; and ...






At night with black light to beach

We found coral which shined and have been in high spirits‼



It is the point one goes over a mountain only slightly with effort on the second day.







Reward that we climbed with effort is scenery of the best‼

The sea of Kerama blue opens in front.

It is noon with soaked in fresh one bowl of fish produced in the sea of Zamami where the staff sends to while seeing scenery.

This is the best, too‼

You were able to enjoy land level of Zamami blessed with weather with both days and take pride with ...

In addition, we raise in Zamami Island, Aka Island, Geruma Island.

As citizens of Okinawa, other tours recruit, we look forward to application.

For more details, to island atchii HP


Blog update: *heki


In this year thank you very much for your help.

Of the next year thank you in advance.

We pray for your happiness.

Have good age.

               All the zamami village Tourism Association staff 


Sunday, December 09, 2018

Weather: Blur is occasionally rainy

Temperature: Around 20 degrees Celsius

Water temperature: Around 25 degrees Celsius



Is cuttlefish of everybody getting along?

Warm day continued until last week, but became cold by the cold wave arrival suddenly this weekend.

In addition, it was all flight suspension of service today yesterday after ferry navigated in reply on 7th.

Please be careful about physical condition management suddenly, everybody, as you became cold.



By the way, monitor tour of sightseeing in remote island, exchange promotion business "island atchii" began in December in zamami village.

This includes monkey of citizens of Okinawa-limited, but is the third-year acceptance in this year,

We performed the first acceptance this year on December 1.


Of attempt this time first in Aka Island

"Treat ☆ yoga re-in unmissable ♪ island noobaato Island kuwashio product rou & Aka Island for women"

We challenge the making of cake only in island by home visit of grandmother!


This title "Okinawa miruku rice cake and umukuji tempura"


Though it is easy, readily make neither; can sleep; ~

In addition, as for deep red potato to use in umukuji tempura was produced in field of grandmother, chasing♪





Two articles are completed in no time in just a little over one hour.

It is tea oshinagarayuntaku society together


Sunset practices yoga at the menu beach after taking a short break after having met stomach

~ where sunset yoga while we see the sun which gradually sets is comfortable



It became pleasant exchange meeting with sanshin expert of islander participating in night exchange meeting.

Islanders are replaced to tone of the sanshin, and in turn dances and leaves and leaves when we dance,

It became exchange meeting only in Aka Island.


While being able to encounter Kerama dimosquito in night way back, and throbbing at the distance of pitch-darkness while seeing star

We returned to accommodation.


And while, on the second day, taking the morning sun in nishibamabichiterasu; re-treat ★It is yoga.

We experience yoga this year in morning when it was said that we stop by in finished nishibamaterasu.

It fell in beach where nobody was and had you enjoy comfortable morning.





In addition, we raise in Zamami Island, Geruma Island.

As citizens of Okinawa, other tours recruit, we look forward to application.


For more details, to island atchii HP



Blog update: Miyashita


Sunday, November 25, 2018

Weather fine weather

Temperature around 24 degrees

Water temperature around 25 degrees


Hello, become cold in the evening in the morning in Zamami Island

We gave up, but is cuttlefish of everybody getting along?


We had you look forward to every Saturday of November

"Zamami Island fan thanks monthly islander entertainment show is 362 things, too"

We had tourists arrive and, on the large prosperity, were finished safely.


This host was these two people.


Family of the staff of our tourist association participated from the United States, too! By the way, woman camp

For makeup, was not able to take a ceremonial photograph, but ...


Death that little child Fra showed very cute!


It is wonderful in "underwater photocontest"! Takahiro Suzuki that the grand prix was won

"We see, and rainbow comes out!" We do in this



umimaru prize "chibariyo" Natsumi Shichinohe (pay attention to commentary, and please see.)


As your photograph which participated in waiting room of Ferry terminal is displayed, please see in Kurushima.


We were able to terminate in the large prosperity every week this year.

IMG_20181124_211845.jpg  IMG_20181124_204126.jpg

..., right or wrong, Kurushima have in ..., the next year in the next year, and beautiful starlit sky of zamami village and Zamami villager that it is bright and is fun are waiting for heartily to be able to participate!

Blog update Nakabayashi


Monday, November 18, 2018

Weather cloudy weather

Temperature around 24 degrees Celsius

Water temperature around 26 degrees Celsius



Fan thanks month that are held in Zamami Island is the middle stage!

Introduction about "treasure hunt" and "underwater photocontest" carried out this time during period♪



If, during feeling of fan period, find the sea, land tag which does not come together; Get!



Wonderful present hits by lot what.


Shimauchi, the water are enjoyed in unusual glance, and how?

Come to Zamami Island tourist information center if you find tab.


Once per person becomes only for.

(as you are crowded in departure and arrival time for ship, you are not expected.)



In addition, we are holding "underwater photocontest" in Zamami Port terminal waiting for place.

We appreciate your applying from many people this year.




Result of contest is announced at "islander entertainment show" of next week.

Please vote for one piece of favorite, everybody!



By the way, as for this "islander entertainment show," weather was worried about

We were able to hold safely in Zamami Port terminal open space.

This host is these people!



In addition, we meet all of you with wonderful clothes at reception desk



Islander entertainment show is start from EISA by Zamami Junior High School this time.




Okinawa tradition Ryukyu dancing that came up with wonderful clothes this time.



It is Hawaiian Fra of furachimupirirani again

Many people participated in experience-based Fra this time.



Sumo dancers who did well from start this time,



When Dreamgirls come up in stage; cheers!

Let's enjoy all towel ofurrikazashi♪♪


Bird is Zamami EISA club this time.



You came many people this time.

As for the islander entertainment show, next week is finally the last day.

Please come to enjoy charm on the land of Zamami.


Blog update: Miyashita



Sunday, November 11, 2018

Weather fine weather is occasionally cloudy

Temperature around 26 degrees Celsius

Water temperature around 26 degrees Celsius


Hello, everybody.

Comfortable weather that summer sunlight seemed to return to for these past several days continues.

And it is holding in Zamami Port terminal open space what after a long absence in the fan thanks monthly second week.

"Islander entertainment show" carried out outdoors was grand upsurge, and more than 330 customers participated this time.


Both beer and snacks improve taste for event the outdoors!

Shimauchi restaurant exhibits with menu which putting all the skill this time.

It is introduction ... of tenant from two people of host this time



[restaurant Marumi]

We can enjoy Taco rice, Hirayachi tto Okinawa menu.

Beer goes ahead recommending through homemade G Mami tofu, slightly hot Vienna sausage.



[takoyaki Bar tiger Jiro]

Takoyaki is tiger Jiro!

Miso embankment stewed totakowasamo is the best in conformity to Awamori!




We recommend pig chimaki, meat roll rice ball to which rice thing wants to eat other than many side dishes♪



[nomitoko Keiko]

Braised ribs and papaya chanpuru, cake set which is nice after having drunk are recommended.

And it always enlivens entertainment show here

We sell towel of "Dreamgirls"! get does towel, and let's dance with Dreamgirls♪



[zamami village fishermen's cooperative association]

Hard-boiled island fish, menu only in fishermen's cooperative association including seikapon foods seasoned with vinegar are abundant!

After all we cannot exclude ikasumi firing kizobaha><)



[little kitchen]

It keeps menu which sumoki set and kaponata fusion cuisine can taste.

We are interested in Tom car fellow!



[the blue sea]

Including seafood foods grilled with salt soba, slender cigarette, inamuruchi dechottohokkori warms.




Have bottle beer and vodka to pick up smoked egg, smoked bacon!



[Yui `s juice Bar]

A lot of menus which matched wine such as fins cutlet sandwich, white lever cheese.

We can enjoy hot wine.



[kafushi temple]

Other than fried chicken, rice ball, there is contents pork miso soup. It becomes warm menu mind.





By the way, entertainment show finally starts, too.

Start of this week is EISA by Zamami Elementary School child.

We show dance that we learned newly!



It was healed in Hawaiian Fra of team Ka Piko Ao hiwa by pretty Fra of children.




Traditional Ryukyu dancing of Okinawa was shown, too.



Hawaiian Fra of chimupirirani is shown successively, too,

Experience-based Fra was performed here, too, and lot participated.


Monthly "Malin diving" is hosted by the others this time

VR contest commendation ceremony was held in RICOH THETA, too.



When Dreamgirls break out in stage, large serving goes up the venue!

This time is also Let' s Dance!! in collaboration of special participation, too



Sumo dancers! In this miniature shrine who? ? ? ?



It is Zamami EISA club to have displayed chicken of the second week!

Drumbeat echoes to Zola at night of Zamami.




"Islander entertainment show is left another two times, too".

It is hotter on the weekend of November!

We look forward to your coming.


Blog update: Miyashita


Sunday, November 04, 2018

Weather blur is occasionally rainy

Temperature around 24 degrees Celsius

Water temperature around 26 degrees Celsius


Hello, everybody.

Zamami Island "fan thanks month" that began from this month!


Held "islander entertainment show" was held yesterday every Saturday on Saturday, November 3.

It is heavy rain this time under the influence of front from all over the morning,

As for the planned entertainment show to perform in Zamami Port terminal open space in remote island promotion synthesis center became held.

We encountered with the first day of the feeling of fan event, and many people came this year.



We can enjoy in islander entertainment show program at venue entrance

We distribute kuwatchi ticket, fun lottery ticket (common) one piece per person.

In addition, we present available "eating and drinking ticket" (for 500 yen) to islander member first arrival 15 people in event site tenant on every Saturday.

In the case of visit, please bring thing which you can confirm of member.



Sano who pleased the venue in hosts with Takeshi who can excite this host haitsumoshimakutubade venue this time is appearance.


To all of you who had you gather for fan thanks month to reach the thirteenth this time

Greetings of executive committee's chairperson


It is greeting from Manager of association of Zamami Island diving again



Program start

All of hiheiryo*shiko*maidojozakammishibu of Tamaki style Japanese yen shows tradition of Okinawa, Ryukyu dancing.


Hawaiian Fra (furachimupirirani) is appearance.

There was experience-based Fra, too, and many people participated.

DSC_0836 (1). JPG


It is dance by EISA club after Fra team.

The venue swelled for powerful dance, too.

DSC_0843 (1). JPG


We hold the land, treasure hunt in the sea, photocontest during period.

This information is the next time again!


As for the weekend of November, Zamami is hot!

We look forward to your coming.


Blog update: Miyashita


Monday, October 29, 2018

Weather: Blur is occasionally fair

Temperature: Around 24 degrees Celsius

Water temperature: Around 26 degrees Celsius


Hello, everybody.

We stay in October and there became a few, but is worried about movement of typhoon again. .

This typhoon 26 issue is the strongest in power in 2,018 years and is feeling that it seems to be for stray typhoon. Please be careful about future movement.


By the way, it is Zamami Island on Saturday, October 20 on the other day

The 38th Zamami villager size athletic meet was held.

Was called off under the influence of typhoon last year, but in this time fine autumn fine weather,

Theme of villager size athletic meet

In "nothing in bond of three islands"

Many villagers gathered in Zamami Island "whale park".





Support is heated up every year by athletic meet that we compete for score in 5 districts of zamami village!


In addition, fun lottery is held at lunchtime, too,

This come-on is this.


In addition, product which is useful for life hits by lot♪


Program is ... from race, throwing-ball game of little child




Until seriousness relay of adult.



Tug of war that we are sometimes divided into the east and the west again


All the uncle potato grandmother is participation for great athletic meet that there is only once a year, too.


The Divisional Championship of this year,

It became "Geruma district". Congratulations.


Only villager does not do; thank you.


As for me who participated in tug of war, ..., arm are ... shoulder from the next day

We heard such a voice a lot.

Let's usually keep moderate exercise in mind, everybody, (^^)


And "fan thanks month" begins in November in Zamami Island.

As, on every Saturday, "islander entertainment show" is held; as for this in fun♪

Feeling of fan 2.jpg




Blog update: Miyashita


Monday, October 15, 2018


Sun-shower to cloudy weather


Temperature around 25 degrees Celsius


Water temperature around 26 degrees Celsius



Typhoon went away, and Okinawa became cold suddenly something or other, too.

Having lived in "T-shirt, shorts" until a few days ago

We see a lot of people turning into specifications in winter of "trainer, pants" suddenly.

sozogo, please take care of itself so that it is not fallen sick as for the turn of the seasons, all of you either.


By the way, speaking of, by the way, winter event

That's right!

"Zamami Island fan thanks month"

This event that we hold every year in November

Thanks month performed with feeling of thanks from islanders by customer who usually loves Zamami Island more. We were able to reach the thirteenth in this year!

Thank you.


◆"Treasure hunt game" that advantageous gift certificate and wonderful product are

Underwater treasure hunt lottery that covered tag everywhere is held the Shimauchi land.

We can participate in lottery with tag which we found♪


◆The night of every Saturday "islander entertainment show"

Venue: Zamami Port terminal open space (in the case of rainy day, inner Zamami Island remote island promotion synthesis center)


Islander with various special abilities shows "islander entertainment show" on stage.

Please thoroughly enjoy special show only for this time.

And if do not dance as customer can participate when feel rhythm of kachashi, and dance in everybody of venue; loss!


: The opening time: 17:30 ... (plan)

: The start time: 18:00 ...

: No charge for admission


◆We hold Zamami Island underwater photocontest.

Let's introduce charm of the sea of Kerama to everybody!

Please each bring vaunted description.

The Grand Prix is decided by vote of everybody.

Besides, the grand prix includes luxurious prizes♪


Period: From November 1, 2018 to November 30


A feeling of 2018 fans. png

We look forward to various places that we want to look at for event that we heard for rumor in various places looked forward to for the first time more and more this year.


It is Zamami on the weekend of November!

We look forward to.


Blog update: Higa



Friday, September 28, 2018

Temperature around 29 degrees Celsius

Water temperature around 28 degrees Celsius


Everybody hello.

In here Zamami, ship becomes all flight suspension of service under the influence of typhoon 24 from 25th.

This typhoon has a big power, too, and the whole island gets ready for caution.

Please be careful about movement of future typhoon.

1824-00 .png


Meanwhile, reception desk of zamami village plan of sightseeing in Okinawa remote island which has already started, exchange promotion business "island atchii" becomes start this year.

This becomes entry only for one having address in Okinawa,

It becomes monitor tour to each remote island.

Even zamami village improves plan sequentially from 10/1.

Detailed contents to "island atchii" official site



Target person becomes citizens of Okinawa (one having address in the prefecture).

In the case of a lot of application, it becomes lottery.

There is island that place; 2018.png


We would like inquiry about entry at the following.

TEL: 098-866-5941

Reception hours weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00 (excluded on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)



You see one with interest by all means, and please apply.


Blog update: Miyashita



About advertisement business

Access to Zamami is Ira's by helicopter

Sea bathing tour of Zamami to sky tours

Bargain rent-a-car tabirai Okinawa of Okinawa

Zamami island, gahi island tour to Kinki Nippon Tourist

Look at state; island ppu