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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Weather cloudy weather

Temperature around 19 degrees


A Happy New Year.

"We look at state and, in this year, want to send seasonal information of village by news".

We would like this year.


How is it hypershideshitaka for the year-end and New Year holidays?

A lot of customers that New Year holidays were reached in Zamami came.

It be splendid one year for all of you this year!


On Friday, January 5, the New Year parade of fire brigades was held.

For one year, everybody braces himself/herself so that there is not disaster, accident and stands in line this year.



We assumed that fire occurred and performed drainage.


Children are impressions for achievement of member of firefighting team, too.

Between eyewink of drainage "uwa ... is terrible"; to cheers went up.



Members of firefighting team thank you.

We do not have disaster, accident in 1 this year.


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Class of December


Saturday, December 30, 2017

Weather cloudy weather

Temperature around 19 degrees


Hello, is cuttlefish of everybody getting along?

Zamami became really cold, too.

It seems to be warm, but sea breeze strong coolly in winter of Zamami blows when we see only temperature.

As sensible temperature falls all the time, please prepare winter clothing and pants on Kurushima.

I know you are busy, but please be careful about physical condition management only more ‥ enough this year.


On December 19, Nordic events walking activity leader class was held.

Activity leader is qualification that can support instructor.


Unfortunately, rain continues all day, in remote island promotion synthesis center became held, and was practical skill, written examination, program called practical examination in the morning from lecture, the afternoon. It was enthusiasm that most of the participants practiced by the first Nordic events walking voluntarily for break.

DSCF2198.JPG  DSCF2223.JPG     

We were not able to practice outside, but we spun around and saw remote island promotion synthesis center for practical examination.




We can exercise from head to foot by employing Paul, and posture improves, too, and excellent ikotozukumeno Nordic events walk when we can walk beautifully. Would all of you like to be begun for your health maintenance, too?

12/26, communication of "all the members pass!" arrived‼

To be the next step-up, basic instructor, we want to do our best as activity leader.



And meal seminar "was valid with nature one more," but the dive in beach of Zamami Island was performed in venue on December 24. In Part 1, environmental lecture, Part 2 are two part system of fermentation classroom.



Environmental lecture of Part 1 is shocking!

As for what was used, the chemical substance which oneself saved, what was inherited in the next generation, ‥ no addition such as cranial nerve being invaded by the chemical substance, and feminization of a male organism advancing, organic farming were organic, and myth which thought that it was product made in Japan ‥ security collapsed among me rushingly with there being 100,000 kinds of chemical substances before everyday life, and 90,000 kinds of security of those not being confirmed.

What is good? It becomes in this.

We biodegrade, and product with mentions such as gray water-free, BPA-free seems to be good. But we seem to be hardly made in Japan‥

We wanted one that got married, and expected baby to hear by all means from now on.

It seems to be late carefully after we understand the pregnancy‥


DSC_1723.JPG   DSC_1725.JPG

Ohata of host            Mr. Nishikubo of lecturer 


Lunch of miso soup which we made rice ball and miso which we fitted this year for when we felt heavy at heart.

Though it was thick miso soup, we were surprised that stock did not enter, and it was revealed that a little, taste of material appeared to thing made with materials selected carefully carefully well.




Is fermentation classroom of Part 2 when stomach is met; the training of miso.

How to make is very simple and boils soybean which we dipped into water and smashes and mixes salt and the U.S. ricemalt.

As bacteria which each person has enter, taste of the completion, all the fragrances seem to be different.

We look forward to the completion half a year later!

DSC_1731.JPG  IMG_20171226_082402.jpg

Lecturer of fermentation classroom, Mr. Kawamura         Miso which we fitted!


When everybody selects carefully from materials and makes "home brew" without chemical seasoning, how about?


It is souvenir picture with miso which we fitted by oneself!



We have opening of Aka Island nosangoyuntaku building in next March!

We will give service that all the staff all of you are satisfied with for further development, leap.

Thank you this year for one year.

In addition, we look forward to your next village.

                         All the zamami village Tourism Association staff


Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Weather: Rain to cloudy weather

Temperature: Around 20 degrees Celsius

Water temperature: Around 23 degrees Celsius



Is cuttlefish of everybody getting along?

Is instant with one year, this year is another one week, too!

Mood becomes slightly warm in season that is cold by beautiful illuminations.


By the way, we want to look at the sea of the open sea soon when it is the end of the year.

Okay, season of whale comes over.

On other day, Friday, December 15 on Senaga Island pus rudder terrace

"Whale watching festival 2018"

Opening ceremony was held of this.

On the day on the sky which is blue in the sea which is hit by fine weather, and is blue, white terrace

Flag of whale streamed comfortably.



In ceremony, it begins for greetings of mayor Satoshi Miyazato and becomes the beginning of whale watching festival of this season

"Whale town difference" was performed.





During 2017/12/15 - 2018/02/28 period in passage to dragon Kami-no-Yu in Senaga Island hotel

As we hold panel exhibition in valley of cancer GALA to 2018/2/1 - 3/31,

Please appreciate on calling near.


About whale watching in zamami village,

Reservation, please refer to association of zamami village whale watching.

HP: http://zwwa.okinawa/

In addition, whale calendar was completed in pokke104 design, 2018 when we were waiting impatiently for all of you, too.

As we distribute in one piece-limited per person at zamami village tourist information center (Zamami Island, Aka Island / Geruma Island)

When you come, please drop in at zamami village.

Those who wish to mail in islander member, please contact islander desk by email.

As number is limited, come early.




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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Weather cloudy weather

Temperature around 18 degrees

Water temperature around 22 degrees


There are only 20 days left this year.

How do you have December?

If a rain is intermittent, in Zamami, weather does not calm down for these past several days.

Temperature falls to every shower, too and is completely winter…As there have southern country, a water temperature all right, we can still enjoy marine sports with wet suit!


There is monitor tour that participants called "island atchii" carried out by sightseeing in remote island, exchange promotion business are exclusively citizens of the prefecture Okinawa.

It was carried out this time in Aka Island.

It is "the making of accessory of memory to make in the making of tofu and village walk & island where spirit divided by island noobani religion are given" to in 2 days and 1 night from December 6.

We do orientation and move on foot together to accommodation.

DSC_1489.JPG DSC_1490.JPG


At first we had you experience the making of tofu by the traditional manufacturing method using seawater of blessing of the sea.

 DSC_1496.JPG DSC_1497.JPG


We made island tofu while sampling of fresh soybean milk being possible on the way, and standing, and trying burning hot yushi tofu (thing before drainer of half-curded tofu).

DSC_1513.JPG DSC_1518.JPG



We had guest house make remaining bean-curd refuse which squeezed soybean milk and island tofu which we made as Japanese sunflower, bean-curd refuse salad, yushi tofu, tofu served cold for dinner and had deliciously.

20171206 sumairu dinner images. jpg

When think whether is tofu which made with oneself, as for thinking much more as for the taste strongly

I feel that we get nervous!


Bracelet and seisawasan to make with village walk and leaf of Pandanus tectorius on the second day.

DSC_1556.JPG DSC_1558.JPG


We felt culture and traditional difference between Aka Island and Okinawa Island while hearing explanation of guide who knew everything about island and did walk in village relaxedly.



After having been tired a little on foot, it is made with bracelet.

IMG_4122.JPG  IMG_4133.JPG 


We chose favorite color, everybody, and finished while being taught by instructor. 



Thank you, all of you who had you participate in monitor tour.

Way of enjoying is infinite in other seasons!

In addition, please come to play!


We are just raising citizens of Okinawa, other monitor tours!



Please participate!

We look forward to.

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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Weather blur is occasionally rainy

Temperature around 23 degrees

Water temperature around 24 degrees


 Hello, is cuttlefish of everybody getting along?

By the way, we finally reached the last day for Zamami island fan thanks month that had you enjoy.


Because is expected that is rainy strong wind this week; in Zamami synthesis center became held.

It has been over this year without being held outside once.


Saturday, November 26 Orion "2017 southern blue beech clean project"

It was held in Old Zamami beach.

Thank you, everyone!

Beach became beautiful.



Orion southern star huge at islander entertainment show, venue entrance……



We were able to enjoy unusual islander entertainment show.





Commendation ceremony of photocontest that had you apply on the weekend on the last day was held.

Only, at that time, we express moment not to be able to see wonderfully, everybody.


This grand prix is this!

"School of fish" Takahisa Tsuda 



umimaru prize "ochoboguchi 4 brothers" Tomomi Takabayashi



As for the details, please see this.



It is all of host of this week.



The islander entertainment show size concentration carried out for four weeks!











Thank you very much for Kurushima, visit to many customers this year.


You see this this time and want to see by all means in the next year! We want to go! We want to sink! We look forward to all of you, coming that this was thought of.


Blog update: *heki

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Weather cloudy weather

Temperature around 21 degrees

Water temperature around 24 degrees


Hello, is cuttlefish of everybody getting along?

The third week began for fan thanks month.

With, by rainy forecast, islander entertainment show moving consecutive venues to Zamami synthesis center this week for three weeks; became held.

Which looked at high speed ship queen state on Saturday, and gave up all flight suspension of service and which it was, and transportation with Naha was cut off, and was left in Zamami on the day before, Kurushima on that day as for seeing ferry state…May a lot of people who were not able to stay in Zamami come while looking forward to the islander entertainment show?

Please can hold blessed with weather outside in the last week in the fourth week! !

So that ship moves all flights, too! !

We cannot help praying.





Host of this week is these all.



It is started this time by karate of Zamami Junior High School!

Customer supports embu which we got of control of students by applause, too!



It is practice chairperson greeting!



In the kuwatchi ticket lottery!

Were you able to get meal ticket?

Probability to hit as much as there were few visitors seemed to be high this week


Besides, for zamami village village mayor business trip, association of zamami village diving's chairperson says hello in place of village mayor.



After kuwatchi ticket lottery, you saw quiet Ryukyu dancing of Okinawa tradition.



Different EISA continued with Ryukyu dancing by the same Okinawa tradition art again.

Venue swells in powerful drumbeat, music of up tempo!



Dance that showed charm of woman enough Hawaiian Fra "pirirani" is wonderful.

There was experience-based Fra, too, and everybody was fuddled with charm of hula.



Sumo dancers who keep waiting, and like all!

There is instructor who was taken care of by diving!



Surprise guest who appeared this week!

Is it entertainment not to appear in program, fake TM revolution?



Like surging wave, we follow Dreamgirls!

Older sisters are paste paste this week!



It is the mammy to heap up the last 

As for the collaboration with Dreamgirls‼

It was time that venue became one, and was really happy! !





Many islander entertainment shows were shown this time.


Event of the weekend is one of the pleasure in every feeling of fan, too,

Being able to enjoy through moon interval

It is underwater photocontest and lot.


In Zamami Port terminal, we perform underwater photocontest.

It is applied wonderful photograph. In favorite photograph by all means one vote!



DSC_1443.JPG DSC_1446.JPG




DSC_1449.JPG DSC_1445.JPG


The land of Zamami Island, underwater pretty good place nikonna tag are covered in lot.

Tag. jpg

You come to Zamami Island tourist information center if you find this tag, and please pull "lottery".

(as you are crowded in departure and arrival time for ship, you are not expected.)


We prepare for such a wonderful present this year

Present. jpg


Favorable reception mine swelled every week for fan thanks month.

We thank for next village mine to many people.

Entertainment show is left another one time, too!


In 11/25, beach clean is planned, too.

We participate in beach clean, and let's get southern star!



We dive in the morning and beach is clean in the afternoon and can spend islander entertainment show and substantial 1st at night!

Please come to sense entertainment show of island bodily.


We look forward to.


Blog update: *heki



Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Weather cloudy weather

Temperature around 26 degrees

Water temperature around 26 degrees


Hello, is cuttlefish of everybody getting along?

The second week began for fan thanks month.


Because it was dimly cloudy, and rain was expected from morning

We moved place successively in Zamami synthesis center for two weeks, and venue became held.


It is branch of Shimauchi restaurant to be a pleasure in conjunction with islander entertainment show!

Menus that chef exerted all the skill to form a line.

It is at a loss to choose only with appetizing thing.

As there is thing to be able to taste only in island, please appreciate♪

If favorite shop is found, please stop by in lunch and dinner toward the shop.


<restaurant Marumi >

Including chanpuru, Taco rice, homemade G Mami tofu is unrivaled article.

Hot Vienna sausage is one article of recommendation, too.


<takoyaki Bar tiger Jiro >

Let alone takoyaki, "curry" is glad that we put together at this time that became slightly chilly "oden".


<dandelion >

Homemade croquette and Okinawa naradehanozenzai, sataandagi-

We can get sweets after liquor.


<nomitoko Keiko >

One that wants to warm body from core pork miso soup!

Artubus liquor, Okinawa tankan plum wine are recommended, too,

We check Dreamgirls T-shirt!

Please split open with Dreamgirls in this T-shirt!


<zamami village fishermen's cooperative association >

seikasoseji chikiage set only in fishermen's cooperative association, sea yakisoba

Menu full loading that is full of fish



<amyurettozamami >

 Including shop ichioshino Burrito, we can enjoy clam chowder.

It is one article of recommendation in conjunction with sangria!



<little kitchen >

A lot of menus which alcoholic drinks including green soybeans & tea bean which is indispensable to spicy potato and jerk chicken, attendant of beer who worked of punch advance to!


Host is different member last week, too!

It is started this time by Zamami Elementary School EISA!

The venue is support by beating time with hands for children doing their best, too.




You saw Ryukyu dancing.



Photocontest that it is hosted by monthly "Malin diving"

Of "take appear photoin Zamami" there was commendation ceremony, too.

Person who participated because photograph which oneself photographed appeared in "Malin diving" by all means

He/she fully conveys charm of the sea of Kerama.

Publication is "Malin diving" February issue (January 10, 2018 release).

Don't miss it!






Hawaiian Fra, Ka Piko Ao Hiwa

Here the Sightseeing Association staff!




Hawaiian Fra, pirirani, experience-based Fra are quite popular, too!

Fra was danced by everybody beauty.


To drumbeat that is powerful with all of venues in EISA club

"Orion beer" dearii, toast!

It is the Sightseeing Association staff here!




As new sumo dancer joins member every time, it is pleasing doubling.

"Leading to dance on stage without decompression song ear" is indispensable to diver!

You learn, everybody, and please return.



Older sisters of Dreamgirls heaping up by dance of kirekkire.

We rolled up customer and were paste paste this evening‼


Special guest who does not enter for program!

Fake Takanori Nishikawa⁈

He/she heaps up with one tank thoroughly.


The mammies who are familiar as for what gave glory to the last!

The whole venue becomes one; excitement rumble at first!


The Sightseeing Association staff does the best under cover of islander when you can enjoy even a little to Kurushima.

Please call out if you see!

Your roar encourages!


We should be able to spend a happy time with all of you openly in port in the third week!

When it is the outside, after all open feeling is different.

We wait for your Kurushima.



Friday, November 10, 2017

Weather blur is occasionally fair

Temperature around 26 degrees

Water temperature around 26 degrees


Hello, is cuttlefish of everybody getting along?

Late October every weekend of typhoon hit, and ship becomes all flight suspension of service; customer of Kurushima plan

We think to be that we are forced to rescheduling and were felt disappointing.

By the way, "Zamami Island fan thanks month" began from this month.



The first week is what rainy by the sudden front passage!

Venue in remote island promotion synthesis center became held.

We reach the twelfth in this year and become event that completely colonized,

This loves the sea of Kerama, and all of you loving Zamami Island deserve the credit.

With feeling of thanks, we provide best accommodation this year.


Hot thought of islander comes, and rain stops at showtime and has many customers arrive,

It did well very much!



On visit, we distribute fun lottery ticket one piece at terminal open space entrance per person.

As, in the case of fun lottery, this is necessary in the event start

Please get by all means.

In addition, it is available for the first 15 people of islander member in event site tenant on every Saturday

As present "eating and drinking ticket" (for 500 yen), visit early!



Well, it is finally the start of islander entertainment show.

All this entertainment shows moved in expert islander hosts become show of islander handicraft.


Fra, Ka Piko Ao Hiwa Hawaiian as for the start




Small lady dances elegantly, too.


All of hiheiryo*shiko*maidojozakammishibu of gyokujo*en shows Ryukyu dancing.

Relaxed time is felt for flexible dance.



furachimupirirani shows dance, too



Many people participated in Hawaiian Fra experience and experienced Fra on music.



In addition, around stage is full of people for dance of powerful EISA club.



Fun lottery!

Bare enemy got premium!



Sumo dancers. The Sightseeing Association staff made the debut, too!



Very wonderful older sisters, Dreamgirls!

The mayor of Zamami and high, cheese!



It just began for fan thanks month.

As various events including treasure hunt and photocontest are held in island other than fun lottery

Do you come to play by all means?

We wait for your next village.


Blog update: *heki


Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Weather fine weather

Temperature around 29 degrees

Water temperature around 28 degrees


How are you getting along, everybody?

October began, and it became easy to spend considerably in the evening, and the sky cleared up deeply in the morning, and it was at refreshing season.

But marine sports is better as it is hot in the daytime!


By the way, in November, "monthly Zamami Island fan thanks"

By event to reach the twelfth in this year,

Islander of Zamami Island offers hospitality by various events with feeling of thanks for one month.

◎The night of every Saturday "islander entertainment show"

Large serving gets nervous at islander show while eating rice while drinking beer in Zamami Port Ferry terminal on the night of every Saturday!

He/she pleases by proprietress of accommodation and owner of Malin shop, staff gaichioshino art!


Feeling of fan poster H292.jpg

◎"Treasure hunt game" that advantageous gift certificate and wonderful product are

Let's look for Zamami Shimauchi, underwater tag hidden everywhere!

It is Go!! with tag which we looked for to Zamami Island tourist information center

Wonderful premiums such as available gift certificate and high-speed ship complimentary ticket, special product of island hit in Zamami Shimauchi by lot without exception♪


◎Zamami Island underwater photocontest now being held!

Photocontest is held this year in Zamami Port Ferry terminal.

It is held photocontest, but it renovates contents from this year and is with underwater photocontest every year

We become able to subscribe only for ri, underwater photography. 

We present 100,000 yen gift certificate which is usable in zamami village how to grand prix work!

Besides, professional photographer, "umimaru" of natural photographer unit examination resident in Zamami Island

Found "umimaru prize" to depend on this, and, as for 40,000 yen gift certificate and the photograph panel, is noumimaru oriji

There is supplementary prize of null special goods, too♪

The application deadline must arrive by October 31.

We look forward to your application!

As for the application method, this, please be referred to.


Popularity vote by visitors is held.

As, let alone one that we won, person who voted has present by lot,

Please vote on Kurushima!


To islander member of visit

We prepare for present of eating and drinking ticket.

Distribution of ticket is as follows.

Date : Every Saturday of November 

Place : Until Zamami Island tourist information center from 9:00 to 17:30

     Until Zamami Port terminal open space from 17:30 to 19:00

     (on rainy day, it becomes the Zamami Port terminal open space ⇒ Zamami Island remote island synthesis center)

Ticket becomes distribution of one piece of limit per person. In addition, at Aka, Geruma Island tourist information center

There is not distribution of ticket.

For more information:↓



This year again to Zamami Island!

Trip is planned to this event, and how?

We wait for your Kurushima♪


Blog update: *heki


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Temperature around 30 degrees

Water temperature around 27 degrees


Hello, everybody.

How are you getting along?


By the way, this year targeting at citizens of Okinawa (one having address in the prefecture) in manned remote island of prefecture 19

"Island atchii" to go to at every interchange as experience-based program participant business is carried out.



Zamami Island (Asa district), Aka Island are held for this program this year, too.

It becomes during held adjustment from November through February.

The following schedule is recruiting now.

In taste island Asa district between from Friday, November 17 to Sunday, November 19 seats

Flatter from Thursday, November 23 to Saturday, November 25; in Kashima

As we publish, and the later tour holding will improve in future, please expect.


Detailed contents to "island atchii" official site



Target person becomes citizens of Okinawa (one having address in the prefecture).

In the case of a lot of application, it becomes lottery.


Inquiry is ...

[the island atchii secretariat] Tel: 098-866-5941 weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00 (excluded on festival day on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)



You mention tradition and culture of island, and do you not feel hot thought of people of island?



Blog update: Miyashita

About advertisement business

Access to Zamami is Ira's by helicopter

Sea bathing tour of Zamami to sky tours

Bargain rent-a-car tabirai Okinawa of Okinawa

Zamami island, gahi island tour to Kinki Nippon Tourist

Look at state; island ppu