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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Weather: Blur is occasionally rainy

Temperature: Around 32 degrees Celsius

Water temperature: Around 26 degrees Celsius


Hello, everybody.

The 41st Zamami yacht racing that we planned was called off under outbreak and influence of Typhoon No. 7 today.



In addition, as this Typhoon No. 7 becomes direct hit course in Kerama Islands over 7/1

Everybody coming to Okinawa, please be careful.


1807-00 .png



By the way, the 19th sabani sail row race carried out was held last week on Sunday, June 24.

We were worried when it might become Shimauchi race until the day before, but there was wish, and it was race to safety Naha.

haishin and starting ceremony of voyage security are carried out in Old Zamami beach from 8:30, and race starts at 9:00.


We aimed at goal, and participation team 35 boat has begun to row all at once.



In addition, we install GPS in kakutei this year and can confirm positional information of kakutei even if on the land

With "smartphone yacht racing" was equipped with, and had way of enjoying unusual meetings.




In addition, race results of sabani sail row race are as follows.

1 ikaiso    Time three hours 04 minutes 10

Look at second place state; circle time three hours 08 minutes 07

3 ijokaiso time three hours 12 minutes 03


We could hold night party this year, too and became prosperous very much this year.


Look at sabani sail row race official site.



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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Weather: Fine weather

Temperature: Around 30 degrees Celsius

Water temperature: Around 24 degrees Celsius


Hello, everybody.

Fine weather of these past several days is ... by weather forecast until today, too

It is weather forecast of rainy-season sky from tomorrow, will it really rain? ? ?


By the way, in zamami village Tourism Association, it revised rate of baggage to take at window from H30 four a year 28 days a month.

In addition, we introduce locker newly in Aka Port terminal.

Rate of baggage to take varies according to size. When I do not finish entering with locker, I take with hasangoyuntaku building.

After having checked out of accommodation, in the case of baggage custody until time for ship, please use.

※Custody until from 9:00 a.m. to the evening 17:00.


As privilege of member for zamami village islanders net member with baggage to take with Zamami Island tourist information center and Aka Island sangoyuntaku building

I take in free of charge.

(in the case of the some lockers use, paid)


Please contact zamami village Tourism Association if you have any questions.

TEL: 098-987-2277


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Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Weather: Fine weather

Temperature: Around 30 degrees Celsius

Water temperature:


We want to crawl!

The rainy season is Zamami of fine weather as I do not think today.

Though we are anxious about shortage of water, it is fine……It is the gladdest that it falls with a rushing sound at midnight that it is fine in morning, but it is readily difficult.


By the way, "class of first Island food" was held in Zamami Island on 20th.

For the purpose of widening possibility of dishes using local ingredients, we learned how to make onion ricemalt.

IMG_9530 (002). JPG

Materials only as for three of onion, salt, polished rice ricemalt.

At first we minced onion finely, but everybody skill was too good and was over in no time and was surprised lecturer.

IMG_9532 (002). JPG

We can enter salt and polished rice ricemalt which we mixed well afterward and mix more and mix.

Only as for this.

Though it is easy, it is usable in various ways, and vegetables nito is very convenient for fish to meat.


We had salt with ricemalt which onion ricemalt and lecturer whom each person made cooked as souvenir.

IMG_9533 (002). JPG

For approximately one week, it was usually to have possibilities to be completed in 3-4 days as it was high temperature Okinawa.

And when fermentation advances, taste seems to increase more and will look forward to now.

IMG_9534 (002). JPG

We utilize ingredients of island and want to enjoy delicious thing only in island.

And we want you to taste toward the world that can come to Zamami.


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Monday, May 21, 2018

Weather: Cloudy weather

Temperature: Around 29 degrees Celsius

Water temperature: Around 23 degrees Celsius



Is cuttlefish of everybody getting along?

It was rain after a long absence today from morning.

Though the rainy season set in for these past several days, it was weather of the empty rainy season without rain,

At last, blessed with rain, are some worry of shortage of water cancellation, too?


By the way, the second performed Kerama blue cup in Zamami was held safely late last week.

It is weather dimly from morning on that day.


When it rained was start while we worried,

Weather is restored from the afternoon, too and feels temporarily relieved.


SUP team "oar participates at meeting from many foreign players, Japanese top player and island, too".

We heaped up meeting lace.




As for the race result, please see this.



Race for the primary schoolchild lower grades or Sapp yoga were carried out on the second day, too and enjoyed Sapp.


Summer who has not done SUP (stand-upper paddle boat) yet in one where activity is planned is enjoyed in right or wrong, the sea of Kerama, and how will from now on?

In the next year, race participation is not dream, too!



Reservation of ship from late July starts soon, too.

Do you finish reservation of accommodation and ship?

We will come from now on in top season! We wait for the next village of everybody.


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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Weather: Fine weather

The highest temperature: Around 28 degrees Celsius

Water temperature: Around 23 degrees Celsius


We want to crawl!

GW was Okinawa region blessed with fine weather, but the rainy season set in at last on May 8.

It was one day that did not seem to be the rainy season, though, as it was weather today.


What was held bottom of such a fine weather "study session of island" for villager.

We made Hirokazu Otsubo who it was Zamami wild bird club chairperson, and was Secretary General of association of zamami village whale watching lecturer and climbed high Gassan to deepen knowledge about the animals and plants of island.


Seven participants. We want to know nature of island more! It is inside islanders who gathered who are hot in this.

We gather at high Gassan mountain trail entrance and are study session start promptly.

Many plants to include the name soon after the start in sequence. We heard eagerly while taking everybody memo, and taking photograph.

Lecture. jpg


Alocasia macrorrhiza ↓

It is taro department, but cannot eat according to the name as it is toxic. Attention is need in wanting to use big leaf for umbrella substitute like Totoro, but stem and leaf getting a rash.

Alocasia macrorrhiza. jpg


Melastoma candidum ↓

It is usually characteristic that there are five one leaf vein entering lengthwise.

Melastoma candidum. jpg


tenninka ↓

We write as God's will and human affairs flower. As for this, leaf vein is three. Unfortunately there was not, but pink flower blooms.

tenninka. jpg


Alpinia speciosa ↓

Leaf has sterilization effect and we wrap dishes in Okinawa and spread below and may be used. Both leaf and flower smell good.

Alpinia speciosa. jpg


Rhus succedanea (by words of island hajigi) ↓

Red leaf is mixed here and there. Attention is necessary not to touch as we get a rash.

Rhus succedanea. jpg


konronka ↓

White part looks like petal, but this is calyx, and center yellow part is flower.

konronka. jpg


Oleander ↓

As we are strong in air pollution and drying, it is often used, but roadside tree is toxic. There seems to be accident that child eats fruit. We get a rash just to touch. Flower language: Dangerous love

Oleander. jpg


SilaTama chasuble (plant coiling itself around tree trunk) ↓

Is white fruit soft? We were obstinate and were smoothened against expectation of everybody called this. "There is not taste!" That's right (by staff of tourist association Kimura).

SilaTama chasuble. jpg


nangokunejibana ↓

We do screw screw according to the name.

nangokunejibana. jpg


Co-sundew ↓

Insectivore. We capture small insect with viscous liquid of leaf. We were sticky when we touched.

Co-sundew. jpg


gima ↓

When fruit becomes ripe, it becomes color such as blueberry and can eat. Time seems to be still early, but "is sweet-sour!" That's right (by staff of tourist association Kimura).

gima. jpg


Cogon ↓

White part is effective in hemostatic.

Cogon. jpg


Mimosa ↓

"Only here (corner of high Gassan observation deck parking lot) seems to have Otsubo reason in Zamami". There is property to close leaf when touched. We nudged like everybody child and enjoyed.

Mimosa. jpg


In addition, casuarina rhododendron Shikibu obagi Oxalis martiana nokaramushi soshiju oshimakoban Smilax china Taiwan waste horokuichigo bellflower orchid giant butterbur cycad Korean lawn grass cinnamon tree ... ...


As well as plant, there were a lot of butterfly and birds, too. (... ... that as he/she does not keep still, there is not photograph)

Butterfly which design of white point enters tsumamurasakimadara ... blue fabric, and has beautiful feather like planetarium.

Butterfly which a male the Ageha ... blue part is transparent, and has feather such as stained glass.

We see flying over the Namie brimstone butterfly ... sea well.

There is not approximately that you can show ryukyuakashobin ... figure. Bird with characteristic cry called "pyurururururururu."

Bush warbler ... "hokekyo" "Ho……We heard hoke and slightly poor cry well.


It was ... ... and study session for approximately just two hours, but was various contents.

We can hardly learn only all day long, but want to know island more and yet more triggered by this study session.


We can enjoy not only the sea but also mountain in this way in Zamami ♪ View from top that we sweat and climbed is particular!

In almost summer Zamami, we look forward to your coming soon!

View. jpg


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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Weather: Blur is occasionally fair

Temperature: Around 25 degrees Celsius

Water temperature: Around 23 degrees Celsius



Is cuttlefish of everybody getting along?

We look at high speed ship queen state from May 7 to May 18, and 3 becomes dockage.

As we look at ferry state, and, during the period, transportation from Naha becomes 3 and Tokashiki Island way

You have you confirm status at time when you come, and come.

In addition, it became setting-in of the rainy season that was 5 days earlier than last year one day earlier from average year from yesterday.


By the way, GW of this year enjoyed the sea of everybody Kerama blue blessed with weather, too.



Workshops such as the making of insect cage to make with leaf of cycad in key ring and Children's Day to make with plastic board participated to ... and adult whom line I, child had done in spite of being last thing in old days during GW period with Aka Island sangoyuntaku building that met first GW absorbedly.

IMG_5016.JPG IMG_5032.JPG


IMG_5005.JPG IMG_5048.JPG

IMG_5050.JPG IMG_5051.JPG


In addition, we held lot with Zamami Island Tourism Association information desk window and Aka Island sangoyuntaku building as privilege of islanders network member every year.

DSC_2443.JPG 20180428111803.jpg

As lot venue in Aka Island changed, you would notice member and were anxious

Many people used and were good.

DSC_2446.JPG DSC_2448.JPG

DSC_2455.JPG IMG_5006.JPG


sabani sail row race, Zamami yacht racing are held this weekend in Kerama blue Cup meet and next month.

To there in the summer immediate!



As reservation of ship and accommodation is crowded, please be prepared.

We look forward to the next village.


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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Weather blur is occasionally fair

Temperature around 26 degrees Celsius

Water temperature around 22 degrees Celsius


Hello, everybody.

We approach GW midway, and many tourists can enjoy the sea of Kerama blue in zamami village.


By the way, speaking of Kerama blue,

On May 12, the second KERAMA BLUE CUP IN ZAMAMI (Kerama blue cup in Zamami) is held on 13th.

Meeting of stand-upper paddle boat (SUP) is held on the stage of the sea of Kerama blue.

We stand on the board bigger than normal surfboard, and SUP is sport that rows in paddle, and gets on wave, and moves the surface of the water. Attention degree improves in Japan for these past several years!

Beginner can do entry from toppupadora.

It becomes event that SUP beginner and kids can enjoy from world top player, and not only race but also SUP yoga is scheduled.

In addition, please participate after invitation as party can participate in not only participation player but also villager, tourists in after on the night of 12th.

(as eating and drinking in venue become ticket system, I would like the purchase in ticketing place.)

Untitled work -thumb-450x239-2924-thumb-450x239-5472.png

The holding date and time: Saturday, May 12, 2018, 13th Sunday

Holding place: Taste beach sea area between Koza, Zamami-son, Okinawa

Event, elite 18km

     ・Open 6km

     ・Enjoyment 3km

     ・Team race

For more details, please see following KERAMA BLUE CUP IN ZAMAMI formula HP.



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Sea difference!


Zamami village sea difference!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Weather: Rain

Temperature: Around 22 degrees Celsius

Water temperature: Around 22 degrees Celsius


 Hello, everyone.

How are you getting along?

April is season of encounter.

Many congratulations on entrance to school, promotion all of you whom it was found a job (#^0^#)

Would you be used to new life?

We pray with health of everybody so that power shows in new environment.


By the way, sea difference was performed in zamami village on Saturday on 21st!

Theme of this year "connects the sea to glitter to the future"

As for the weather, unfortunate blur was empty, but it was lively sea difference given the laughter of children.


It began by commercial and industrial opening words of Chairperson meeting Yasuhiro Miyahira.


We perform safe prayer of the sea


Commendation ceremony of Nanami Itomine of Zamami elementary school chosen as theme of this year.


Greetings are had by mayor face Satoshi Miyazato of Zamami, the mayor of Tokashiki-son of the neighbor





By donation presentation ceremony of commercial and industrial meeting woman part, donation that gathered is presented to Geruma elementary and junior high school




Sea gap between Zamami, Aka, Geruma school declaration by student!

Tape cutting that likened Gun by convolvulus to tape.



Fra of Ka Piko Ao Hiwa.

Figure which danced was very wonderful, and, backed by the blue sea, it was impressive.



And it is the first swimming!

Children who still enter the sea in spite of cold seawater lively.



Fish notsukamidori where both adult and child become crazy about after sea difference closing!

Big encouragement is sent by adults in order to get side dish tonight.





And speaking of sea gap between zamami village‼

Fried chicken and rice ball, zenzai of fish served by commercial and industrial meeting woman part, all of women's societies.

It is the best to have lunch which everybody cooked while seeing the sea!

Sea difference of the next year, please participate, everyone!



Deep-fried chicken getotsukamidorinoo fish were harvested by final fishing that members of association of diving were said to be "amijikei" on the day before.

We removed scale, and fish which we caught was handled after the crop immediately in port by volunteer of island.



Sea difference is event not to be managed without cooperation of all of zamami village.

All of you who had cooperate really thank you.


Zamami village which is almost summer this!

GW begins, too.

As reservation of ship and accommodation is crowded, please prepare.

We wait for the next village of many of you.


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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Weather fine weather

Temperature around 25 degrees Celsius

Water temperature around 22 degrees Celsius


Hello, everyone.

It is another April with early thing.

Okinawa region becomes really summer weather and is anxious about ultraviolet rays now.


By the way, it is news of move than "Aka, Geruma Island tourist information center".

From today, April 1

We move to Aka Island "sangoyuntaku building".

We are as follows for opening time.

From 9:00 to 17:00 (from April to November)

From 9:00 to 16:00 (from December to March)

From port a 2-minute walk

Mark is ...♪




It is one which we show around of Aka Island, Geruma Island in this one

Please drop in.


We look forward to your visit.


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Category: Event information

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Temperature around 23 degrees

Water temperature around 22 degrees



Everybody hello! How are you getting along?

We want to tell about event design of "music festival of whale" held on March 24!




It is native of Hokkaido Murota of Okinawa Yoshimoto of zamami village sightseeing ambassador let alone host.

He/she let it was powerful and progress by good chairmanship of sharpness smoothly this year.

And, speaking of zamami village sightseeing ambassador, another, Johnny Kuroki of former Chiba Lotte Marines had you work as Kurushima, too!

It was accepted photography toward the fan willingly.


Singer-songwriter SHUN where opening of music festival of whale is from Aka Island!

Refreshing, free and easy singing voice appropriate for opening!


It is zamami village, long greetings, whale watching experience picture, photograph contest commendation ceremony successively.

It is Koichiro in part highest award "solar drop" of experience-based photograph

       Captain Prize Yuji Sano

Part highest award "brothers of whale" Yagi Haruhana of experience-based picture

       Award for excellence "friends of whale and the sea" Tomoha Yagi

       Excellent prize "two world whales" rakugorinyo

       Special prize, "well, fly!" i*raisaiyo






Comedy stage with song due to Yoshimoto entertainer, horse and fish!

Much laughter echoed in venue♪


Of BuheeN (buhin) pig rapper, wolf participated, and heaped up venue noisily.


Various places also also this speaking of "music festival of whale!"

Johnny Ginowan & WALE WALE! !


When you could excite venue with familiar CM song in Okinawa and showed song in spite of being ukulele player, heat of venue might not cool down to the very end.

Ending is stage by all the performers!


Would our this enthusiasm touch whales?

Whale music festival was finished next year while hoping that he/she came back to Zamami well.


Performers, people concerned, villagers who cooperated thank you for cooperating.


Blog update: *heki







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