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Is there not transportation to island of the sky?

We guide about flight to link Kerama Airport to Naha Airport. The time required is approximately 15 minutes.

Helicopter charter

There is assistance to zamami village government office at the time of one 97,200 yen (to five one way) ship suspension of service

Excel aviation telephone 098-857-7563 from 9:00 to 17:30


From Kerama Airport to each island

As there is bridge from Kerama Airport to Geruma Island, Aka Island, we can move by car. Please use route in village from Aka Port to Zamami Island.

For more details, please refer to zamami village Tourism Association Aka, Geruma bureau. 098-987-2601

Is there convenience store?

There is convenience store in no island. There is store handling miscellaneous goods from food in Zamami Island and Aka Island.

Can you camp?

We can do it at Ama campground of Zamami Island. There are rentals such as tent or barbecue set, and facilities are set. Please refrain from camping except campground.

Can the companies use cell-phone?

docomo, AU, SoftBank and Willcom are usable. There is place where electric wave state is not so good by place.

Is the Internet usable?

In terminal of Zamami Port and Aka Port, Wifi is usable. PC is usable at tourist information center of Zamami Port, too. (pay)

Can you look at whale by all means?

It is winter that humpback whales gather in zamami village peripheral sea area. As for the time, slip off by the year, but from January to early April is season. As we look for whale from observation deck and guide watching ship to there, we can see with high probability, but as partner is Nature, we cannot rarely see and may be seen only in the distance at all.

When is whale watching possible?

It is until from January to early April that humpback whale comes to Zamami Island.
Association of whale watching opens every year at this time.

Is there financial institution?

There is post office (Japan Post Bank) in Zamami Island, Aka Island. As ATM closes at Aka post office on holiday on Sunday, please be careful. We cannot change foreign currency.

Is there hospital?

There is medical office in Zamami Island and Aka Island.

From consultation hours weekdays 9:00 from 12:00 2:00 p.m. 5:00 (please come in the morning within 30 minutes before the end with the afternoon)

 On the Zamami medical office 098-987-2024 afternoon of Thursday, doctor is absent for house call

 On the Aka medical office 098-987-2002 afternoon of Tuesday, doctor is absent for house call

When emergency conveyance is necessary for case and weekdays when medical treatment on the night and Saturday and Sunday is hoped for, please connect with the 119th.


Does zamami village need hub?

As habu is not in island of all the Zamami Island Aka Island Geruma Island, don't worry.

On the day are accommodation and marine sports all right without reservation?

As for both activity and accommodation filling up in summer top season. One reserved beforehand is reliable. Please consult with tourist association.
Of accommodation and marine sports introduce.

What should I do to swim in uninhabited island?

We introduce boat of uninhabited island handing over in the Sightseeing Association information desk.

Is there facility in beach?

Beach house opens in Old Zamami and nishibama for summer and Golden Week.  
There are meal, rental (parasol snorkel sets), paid shower

Method to be introduced to Aka Island from Zamami Island?

Route in village commutes on 4 a day. Inquiry of diagram and reservation to kembaisho of Zamami Port
zakammimurayakujokoeikigyokakembaisho 098-987-2614

Transportation in village?

Village Shimauchi bus goes around Zamami Island. As there are taxi, rent-a-car and rent-a-bicycle, motorcycle, ask Sightseeing Association 098-987-2277. There are not village means of transportation in Aka Island, but please refer to Sightseeing Association (Aka, the Geruma information desk) 098-987-2601 as there are taxi, rent-a-bicycle, motorcycle.

As for the ticket, where is ferry different from high speed ship of purchasing in platform?

See, and high-speed ship queen state sees on the use ferry state to Tomari Port terminal "Tomarin"; in the case of the use to "Tomari Port northern coast" (stay, and ask). It takes 5-6 minutes on foot from "Tomarin" to high-speed sailor ground.
Ferry Zamami 
Box office Tomari Port Tomari Port terminal building "Tomarin" 1F 
Platform     It is a 2-minute walk from Tomari Port Tomari Port terminal building "Tomarin"

High-Speed Queen Zamami
The box office Tomari Port northern coast northern coast waiting for place 
Platform     In front of Tomari Port northern coast northern coast waiting for place

From Naha Airport how to get to Tomari Port (stay, and grow on)?

In the case of the taxi use
Time required approximately 15-25 share rate approximately 1,500 yen
※As the Naha city has a morning traffic jam until from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00, please be careful.
Of, "ugh, miso and others tunnel" which is newer than route across the Kokuba River in Route 58 recommend the use.

In the case of the Okinawa monorail (Yui Rail) use
Naha-Airport Station → It is 15 minutes to northern coast approximately 10 minutes on foot from getting off at Miebashi Station (14 minutes) Tomarin
Rate / (adult) 260 yen, (dwarf) 130 yen

How long is reservation of ship possible? Do we not need to make a reservation?

We accept telephone reservation from two months ago of the embarkation.
  Zamami village Naha ship office 098-868-4567
       Reservation time from 10:00 to 17:00
  Please call change and cancellation here.

How do you go to zamami village?
"We look at village high speed ship queen state" from Tomari Port (we stay and grow on) in Naha-shi and, for de from 50 minutes to 70 minutes, "look at ferry state" and are de from 90 minutes to 120 minutes. There is port in Zamami Island and Aka Island in zamami village, and village ship stops at both.

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