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Guidance of each section


109, Zamami, Zamami-son, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa
Telephone (main) 098-987-2311 

Facsimile 098-987-2004

It is 50 minutes by high speed ship to Zamami Port from Tomari Port in Naha-shi.
From Zamami Port, it is a 5-minute walk in prefectural road of the village center.

Access map is this

Village mayor Satoshi Miyazato

Vice-village mayor Mayumi Miyahira

The superintendent of education Mitsuo Nakamura


General affairs, welfare section general affairs group 
Issuance of use, tax practice of public facilities, inquiry, family register, resident's card of disaster prevention to general affairs group
TEL 098-987-2311
Place Main government building the first floor
Main duties Firefighting disaster prevention, tax practice, finance, public facilities management, village house, secretary, public information, computerization, regulations, personnel affairs, family register, resident registration, alien registration, certification of a seal impression 
Remarks Aka, Geruma branch office 098-987-2625
General affairs, welfare section welfare group  
To medical care, welfare, health promotion, question go wasehaninini fuku*han about refuse disposal
TEL 098-987-2311
Address Main government building the first floor
Main duties Protection, the Council of Social Welfare secretariat, National Health Insurance, health promotion business, national pension, children's allowance, maternal and child welfare, welfare, welfare of persons with disabilities, elderly aged 75 or over medical care, care insurance, the old man welfare, waste, environmental hygiene 
Remarks Health instruction place 987-2154
Aka health center 987-3321
Council of Social Welfare 987-2084
Industry Promotion Section industrial development group
Industry and road, afforestation, inquiry about water supply business to industrial development group


Place Main government building the first floor
Main duties Road, river, harbor management, commercial and industrial sightseeing, natural environments protection, unemployment insurance, afforestation, fishery, agriculture, stock raising, water supply business, sewer business, dam management, 
Remarks Kerama Airport office 987-2794
Industry Promotion Section sightseeing ship group
Sightseeing and ship business to sightseeing ship group
TEL 987-2614
Place Zamami Port terminal
Main duties Commercial and industrial sightseeing, route business
Remarks Naha branch office (ship reservation) 098-868-4567
Accounting Division
About various payment to Accounting Division
TEL 098-987-2344
Place Main government building the first floor
Main duties The cash receipt and disbursement, income and expenditure financial statements, the receipt and disbursement of article, other accountancy
Remarks 098-987-2625 that various payment is Aka, Geruma branch offices, but accept
The Board of Education
About elementary and junior high school, kindergarten, cultural assets in village to the Board of Education
TEL 098-987-2153
Place Main government building the second floor
Main duties School education social education cultural assets
City Council Secretariat 
Inquiry about assembly hearing to City Council Secretariat
TEL 098-987-2143
Place Main government building the second floor
Main duties Holding of quarterly precedent assembly and temporary assembly
Remarks We accept hearing in City Council Secretariat (main government building the second floor) on assembly


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