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Village administration information

Various consultation

Consultation, complaint about administrative work

Administrative counseling...Administrative counselor Michiyo Matsuda
Okinawa administration evaluation office 098-867-1100

Request to government office and opinion

○Administrative services improvement window...Representative of village office

Aka, Geruma charge Masao Omura (Aka, Geruma branch office 987-2625)
Zamami Island charge Eriko Tanaka (General Administration Division 987-2311)

○Internet opinion window...From zamami village homepage


Harassment and bullying, consultation about human rights violations

Civil Rights Commissioner...Shinmi Miyazato (Zamami island ward charge)
Yasuo Kakihana (Aka, Geruma district charge)

Consultation from one where life is poor

Welfare consultation. Village office inhabitants section 896-4045

Various consultation about the welfare

Local welfare officer... shimineyu (Ama district charge)
                   Yasuo Kakihana (Aka district charge)
                   Yoshiaki Nakamura (Geruma district charge)

The pregnancy, delivery, consultation about child care

Village office inhabitants section 896-4045

Member of maternal and child health promotion. Wayama fragrance (Zamami island ward charge)
Yoko Miyahira (Zamami island ward charge)
Rinko Toyoshima (Aka, Geruma district charge)

Police security consultation

Okinawa Prefectural Police headquarters consultation ... telephone 098-863-9110

Pension consultation

nenkin dial 0570-05-1165

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