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Various proof

Proof 098-987-2311 to issue in general affairs, welfare section

□Copy of resident's card

Abridgment 300 yen (thing which only one is published in)
Whenever one certified copy 300 yen + family increases, we add 100 yen (in family of 4 600 yen)

□Copying of family register

Abridgment one 450 yen
Certified copy one 450 yen
aratameseiharakoseki one 750 yen
Removal from a register certified copy one 750 yen
Family register tag one 300 yen

□Certification of a seal impression

Seal registration (card issuance) 400 yen
Certification of a seal impression one 300 yen

□Resident registry card

Card making 500 yen
Electronic certificate 500 yen

※Resident registry card is convenient as identification card if we make with with photograph. When electronic reports such as E-TAX are done, it is necessary and we read to resident registry card and do electronic certificate.


We can apply to zamami village for one with resident's card at inhabitants section window. When other municipalities have permanent domicile, please order abridgment (in the one of the minority certified copy) beforehand.

□Identification others

Identification 300 yen marriage, divorce, various report proof 300 yen including adoption

Proof 098-987-2311 to issue in General Administration Division

□Income proof, tax payment certificate

Various report proof 300 yen

Please use Aka, Geruma branch office

We issue resident's card, family register, seal certificate, income proof, tax payment proof (as for the application during the morning after 15:00 receiving). Payment of village rates, National Health Insurance tax, water rate and various fee for use is possible, too.

Take identity verification documents

In the case of resident's card and family register request, the presentation of identity verification documents is necessary.
One piece is all right...□Driver's license □Resident registry card with photograph of the face □Ship license
We have you have two pieces...□Health insurance card □Rente □Pension book


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