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Various procedures

One moved into is ...

□Procedure (government office main government building the first floor) 896-4045 in government office general affairs, welfare section

Procedure necessary for anyone Application of remote island inhabitants card which we take transference proof from address place before movement (notice of the change of address) of resident's card, and fare of ship discounts
To National Health Insurance, national pension participation Issuance of new health insurance card (of social insurance participation is the workplace by procedure)
One 65 years or older Report of care insurance qualification ... service recipient, please bring receipt qualification
Child whom there is younger than five years Take infants medical care procedure ... health insurance card
Where child before junior high school graduation comes to from 0 years old

Medical health insurance card is necessary application ... resident's card, income certificate of new children's allowance

□Remote island inhabitants card (general affairs, welfare assigned task ground main government building the first floor) 896-4045 that ship fare discounts

High school student, university student, special vocational school student (parents that either lives in zamami village) whom we live in zamami village and moved to outside zamami village for one with resident registration or entrance into a school of higher grade can get to see village ferry and high speed ship queen state with remote island discount inhabitants fare.

As the presentation of remote island inhabitants card is necessary, please apply in inhabitants section.

□Procedure (government office main government building the second floor) 987-2153 in the Board of Education

As for elementary and junior high school of child, the transference procedure to kindergarten, please come to the Board of Education.


If is moved into; to head of a ward of each character letting know

Head of a ward of five characters (village) in village gathers area as manager in zamami village. As news from village is distributed through head of a ward, person moved into, please let head of a ward of district to live know.

Such time is ...

Please bring identification and seal in various reports. Contact General affairs, welfare section 098-896-4045

□When we move resident's card to other municipalities

You are transferred in general affairs, welfare section and file, and please return National Health Insurance health insurance card and infants medical care qualification. (please report to General Administration Division administrative affairs of taxation person in charge)

□If baby can do it

Please apply for parent and child health record book grant and periodical medical examination passage exemption.

□If child is born

Please report within 14 days after being born.
You accept birth registration appearance everywhere in the whole country, but please perform the next application at village office window.

1.Report of National Health Insurance qualification

2.Delivery lump sum supply application

3.Baby medical care report

4.New children's allowance

5.Delivery celebration gold application


□If family dies

You report immediately, and please get cremation permission. We accept at government offices of the whole country of any place.

□When we get married

You accept at government offices of the whole country of any place, but you order copy of a person's family register of two people beforehand, and take.

Person that entry in the family register in zamami village is hoped for in other prefectures would appreciate telephone beforehand.


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