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Contact information at the time of emergency, disaster


When verge where medical treatment on the night and Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays is hoped for and emergency conveyance are necessary, please connect with 119 (you lead to the firefighting order center)

Zamami medical office (098-987-2024)
■It is 00 00-17 00/14 - 12 at 9:00 on weekdays in the consultation hours
It is closing the office for house call on the afternoon of Thursday.

Aka medical office (098-987-2002)
■It is 00 00-17 00/14 - 12 at 9:00 on weekdays in the consultation hours


Zamami village government office 098-987-2311
There is not fire department in village, but member of firefighting team led by staff of government office deals with fire fighting.

 ※Burning off a field is prohibited in village.

When we encountered damage by natural disaster including typhoon

Zamami village government office 098-987-2311
Task force is set up with storm warning official announcement at the time of typhoon by village office and waits for 24 hours while member of firefighting team works as floor walker in village.

Case, accident

Naha police station Zamami police box (Zamami Island) 098-836-0110 extension number 533

Accident of the sea

Please report to the Coast Guard with the 118th without exchange number.

At government office, we push forward setting of AED (automated external defibrillator) to save person who had cardiac arrest (heart failure).

※We look at ferry state and we look at queen state and install in inboard the first floor of village office Government building, Geruma public hall, both Zamami, Aka medical offices

We assume that big earthquake and tsunami come, and let's prepare for disaster.

Get away from the sea if you feel big shaking, shaking that is long even if small!

  • We see tsunami and it is after and cannot escape. It is to leave the sea as soon as possible if we feel thing, shaking to never go to see.
  • Not ", let's escape" more highly than "more distantly than".
  • We will set up emergency takeout product to escape immediately.

Listen to information that village tells about at the time of disaster

  • We will tell inhabitants about information at the time of disaster by disaster prevention radio. Please act without being confused by rumor.
  • Portable radio, running out of battery of cell-phone will be usually careful that there is not.

You help each other in area, and please evacuate

When you urgently evacuate, please help inconvenient one of age yoriya body of neighborhood. In the case of the middle of the night, call out to each other not to make any escape delay.

We check the preparation of home!

Drinking water and emergency rations for three meals of 3rd of family preparation.

Please set up emergency takeout product.

Medicine which we always take
Rain outfit
Heavy winter clothing-proof
Work gloves
Sanitary protection

Food disappears in remote island.

There is village storage, too, but must contribute to tourist. Drinking water and emergency rations, please prepare minute in each family for *3 meal of number of families *3 day.

Please fix thing which is easy to fall down in the inside and site of house.

Is fire extinguisher set up?

Please decide communication method and meeting place in families.
  • 171 (we come by record and playback along guidance) without message dial exchange number for NTT disaster
  • Do you not actually use disaster message service of each mobile phone carrier?

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