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Local action

Each island, local action in each ward are carried out in zamami village lively.
Please participate in community improvement while interchanging with people of district.

The head of a ward

It is office work trust ahead to have you help various jobs of government office on behalf of staff of village at the same time as head of a ward is chief executive of district administration.

※Please contact village office general affairs, welfare section 098-896-4045 for contact information.

Mayor of Zamami Yoshikazu Miyazato (31-3, Zamami)
a*kucho髙koshueifu (120, Asa) 
Mayor of Ama Yoshikazu Takara (24, Ama)
Mayor of Aka Tadahiko Kaneshiro (57, Aka)
Mayor of Geruma Manabu Nakamura (56, Geruma)

Old man society

One 65 years or older interchanges so that health can spend time happily.

Zamami golden age club 
Aka golden age club 

Women's society

We perform cooperation to local beautification and various events.

Zamami women's society 
Meeting of Asa woman 
Ama women's society 
Aka women's society 

Blue annual convention

We perform various volunteers in area.

Zamami society 
Aka society 
Keruma society


It recruits not only protector but also associate members of local one.


Child library

It recruits members supporting administration.

Whale library (the second floor of Zamami community center) 
kojika library (Aka synthesis center Japanese-style room) 

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