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Reference of living

Village house

General affairs, welfare section: 987-2311

64 village houses of zamami village. It recruits residents as soon as vacancy appears.

Moped-labeled grant

General affairs, welfare section: 987-2311

You bring identification of transfer from store if you purchase moped, and please register in General Administration Division.

Examination for car

General affairs, welfare section: 987-2311

We perform examination for car and maintenance before inspection in Zamami Island and Aka Island in March and October. In schedule, we will tell by broadcast in poster and village.

Unemployment insurance

Industry Promotion Section: 987-2312

Please bring identification of unemployment insurance recipient qualification and unemployment authorization report in Industry Promotion Section on day when one receiving unemployment insurance was selected.

When we build building

Industry Promotion Section: 987-2312

When we plan building, let's check "classification of land and category" of land (use). As report of conversion is necessary, in the case of farmland, please be careful. In addition, when you build building, you submit building certification application, and you receive confirmation, and please start construction.

About road and street light

Industry Promotion Section: 987-2312

Please inform of danger points such as cave-in or landslide of village road and trouble of street light.

About industry and sightseeing (conservation of nature)

Industry Promotion Section: 987-2312

Industry Promotion Section asks about farm and marine industries business, inquiry about commercial and industrial sightseeing and conservation of nature. Agriculture committee of each district gives advice about agriculture, too.

Graveyard park

General affairs, welfare section: 987-2312

We prepare land and sell graveyard park in lots in zamami village in each in the village district.
Please feel free to contact.

Registration of dog

General affairs, welfare section: 987-2312

Please register in village office if you keep dog. (registration charges 3,000 yen)
As we issue license, we will always rank house dog. In addition, there is no animal hospital in village.
Animal night medical treatment guidance (Honjima middle southern district) weekdays from 8:00 p.m. to 0:00 a.m. 098-833-6067

The use of public facilities

General affairs, welfare section: 987-2311

About the use such as Zamami Island synthesis center, Aka Island synthesis center, Zamami community center, General Administration Division accepts.
(as for the use of paid ※ villager, reduction of taxes may be received by application)

If we find unexploded shell

General affairs, welfare section: 987-2311

Please report to person in charge of government office firefighting if you find unexploded shell without certainly touching. We ask 1-2 times of unexploded shell processing corps for processing at government office in year.

Aka, Geruma broadband

Help Desk 0120-930-262 from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 18:00

Village's original wireless broadband "whey lunette" provides Internet connection of Aka Island and Geruma Island. Please contact Help Desk 0120-930-262 on poor application and connection. ADSL (as for the application 116) is offered in Zamami Island.

Ship Internet reservation

Zamami village tourist information center: 896-4070

We look at ferry state, and queen zamamio net can be reserved when we enroll in villager member of membership system system "islanders network", and mail delivery of the service situation is received every morning. Registration charges 1,000 yen, no renewal.

Community antenna association of TV

To kyo*kumigocho

The terrestrial TV reception in zamami village becomes yusenkyo* in all districts.

On transference and new construction, apply for participation to community antenna ealdorman of district. Please contact government office General Administration Division 987-2311 for contact information of each ealdorman. In addition, satellite broadcasting, please prepare teledish in each family.


We perform industrial support by ship fare assistance.

When we stock manure from Okinawa Island, we assist ship fare when we ship farm and marine industries thing and domestic animal again. Please refer to Industry Promotion Section.

Please use remote island inhabitants fare reduced fare.

High school student, university student, special vocational school student (parents that either lives in zamami village) whom we live in zamami village and moved to outside zamami village for one with resident registration or entrance into a school of higher grade can get on village ferry and high speed ship for remote island inhabitants reduced fare. As the presentation of "remote island inhabitants card" is necessary, please apply in inhabitants section.


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