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The pregnancy, infants, child care

Child is treasure of island. We perform various support in zamami village so that there are the pregnancy, delivery, child care in peace in island that is full of nature. Member of maternal and child health promotion visits home of baby by four months after birth, and, various "hello baby business to give advice," "parent and child health consultation" is carried out. Please consult with health nurse and member of maternal and child health promotion anytime.

It is service with a view of face of small village. Please feel free to contact in anything.

The pregnancy, delivery, consultation about child care

Inhabitants section ... 896-4045

Member of maternal and child health promotion ... Wayama fragrance (Zamami district) Yoko Miyahira (Zamami district)  Rinko Toyoshima (Aka, Geruma district)

Child care support of zamami village

  • For pregnant woman commuter pass medical checkup, public money bears ship fare when we go to hospital in Honjima to 14 times.
  • We pay baby gift 30,000 yen.
  • Kindergarten fee for entering kindergarten, childcare charges of later-born are free from half price, the third child.
  • We support dispatch costs when primary and secondary student appears in Honjima by athletic meets.

Ship fare is supported by one receiving specialized medical care out of island

When long-term and periodical treatment is necessary for specialized medical care or inspection, half price assists ship fare to make a voyage to in treatment purpose. When attendance including child is necessary, we assist half price only for protector one.

Life support of high school student

  • There is village's original supporter system that he/she saves when high school students living in Honjima had trouble with diseases.
  • We pay annual sum 150,000 yen per high school student. (inquiry zamami village Board of Education 987-2153)

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