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About recruitment of members of zamami village sightseeing promotion plan taskforce





In zamami village, we will devise "zamami village sightseeing promotion plan".

Please participate in villagers for draft development work of sightseeing promotion plan to wrestle toward development of sightseeing in zamami village promotion plan which assumes 2019 the first year to promote the making of village which village, tourist that villager is comfortable to live in want to visit again, and Motomura recruits members of draft taskforce as follows.

Draft making that we deal with work contents / zamami village sightseeing promotion plan development

   ※We perform exchange of opinions and discussion with sightseeing in staff of government office and village various groups concerned and make draft.

It is necessary to have you perform prior problems appropriately.

Offer staff / few name

Offer period / from Tuesday, December 4, 2018 to Tuesday, December 11, 2018

We decide schedule by sectional meeting after / taskforce member election on the precedent meeting date.

But we are coordinating the first meeting by holding on Tuesday, December 18

Qualifications about application

・Person who in fact has address and lives in zamami village

・Person who understands purpose of draft development taskforce, and participates in zamami village sightseeing promotion positively

・Person who is not against public order in people 18 years or older

・Person without career sentenced to punishment with more than of imprisonment

・Person that tax, utilities do not have nonpayment

・One that you can understand in it because reward is free

Application method

 With predetermined application, propose by bringing or FAX. Aka branch office is possible in Aka Geruma Island

 Application: 〒 901-3402 109, Zamami, Zamamison

 Zamami village general affairs, welfare section (charge: Nakasone)

 Telephone: 098-987-2311 FAX: 098-987-2004


 It is in zamami village government office general affairs, welfare section window and Aka Geruma branch office.

 In addition, we download the following style (Excel data) and are available.

 Application. xls

  ※In the case of a lot of application, we select in government office general affairs, welfare section.

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