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Information about banner ads

It is sightseeing spot site attracting attention most in national park designation Okinawa in March, 2014

Zamami village is small remote island village of a population of a little less than 1,000 people of Okinawa, Kerama Islands, but, among globally valuable coral reefs, is known as Mecca of diving. In 2005, Utsumi appointed in Ramsar Convention registration place, and it was Michelin green guide in 2009, and Zamami Island and Old Zamami beach two acquired star. Furthermore, on day of coral on March 5, 2014, we are appointed in Kerama Islands national park and are sightseeing spot attracting attention more and more.

In late years families enjoying snorkeling and kayak forever in the transparent, beautiful sea increase and invite more than 100,000 a year tourists.

The class of visitors is Okinawa fan

It is tourists most to look at zamami village homepage. It is Okinawa fan visiting Okinawa as repeater of having interest or zamami village in mainland many times in remote island of Okinawa mainly. We can anticipate hotel of Naha and restaurant-like attracting tourist effect to be able to come via Naha.

New information is updated and is always WEB site to want to see again and again

While zamami village homepage is local government site, as sightseeing spot site meeting more than 100000 customers a year, quality, the volume of contents is sightseeing spot site where call with prefecture numero uno is high together. It is website "wanting to see many times" while introducing beautiful nature of remote island.

As for the banner ad, page view of publication July, 2017 is 863,664 on all pages

Normal banner ad is printing only for top page, but banner ad is posted on zamami village official homepage in the lower berth of all pages, click dekimasuta. Page view of July, 2017 is the number of reading that excelled others in 863,664 and the prefecture municipalities. In addition, there is translation system introduction to 7 languages, too, and reading of foreigner increases, too.

Publication charges 

1 frame 11000 yen/month    1 frame 120,000 yen / annual contract

Contact information

Advertising agency handles banner ad publishing in zamami village homepage based on contract with zamami village. We would like inquiry at the following.

Naha, Okinawa truth place 341-1
Telephone 098-832-1800 (main) FAX098-832-1805

http://www.tomoe-ad .com

Standards of publication

As for having a lot on banner ad publishing in zamami village homepage, please see the following.

About advertisement business

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