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[zamami village ship WEB reservation public user terms]

We establish zamami village ship WEB reservation public user (following "public user") terms as follows.

Chapter 1 basic rule
Article 1 (application of terms)
 Zamami village ship WEB public user terms (we say "these terms" as follows. It determines this and in this way offers the following services.
(1) We look at queen state that zamami village runs and make a reservation of ferry zamamino embarkation ticket and give a service (we say "embarkation reservation service" as follows.)
(2) In addition, service to supplement offer of (1)

Rules to determine 2 separately shall constitute these terms each.
Article 2 (change of terms)
 We may change these terms without getting consent of general user. It is decided that offer condition of this case is based on general user terms after change.

Contents of Chapter 2 service
Article 3 (the use of service)
 General user can use service to fix for these terms Chapter 1 Article 1.

Article 4 (start of service)
 We shall start service when we registered reservation application & settlement from the Internet.

Chapter 3 embarkation reservation service
Article 5 (reception desk initiation and termination of reservation)
 Reservation starts from 55 days before the day to go on board and shall be finished on the day before on day to go on board.

Article 6 (limit of reservation)
 In embarkation reservation service, there shall be limit about the next matter.
(1) In one reservation, we can register to five people including the person. More than 6 cases shall contact embarkation ticket sale place on the telephone directly for embarkation two months.
(2) Reservation shall be able to register one one way or one roundtrip.
(3) Reservation shall lose effect in 20 minutes before start on a voyage of flight going on board.

Article 7 (about the EC card settlement)
 When we make a reservation in embarkation reservation service, general user has to reserve the predetermined embarkation price with EC card settlement reservation and set.
The EC card settlement for remote island reduced fare applied only to 2 zamami village inhabitants is not possible.
We perform the credit settlement about 3 EC card settlement in EC card settlement service site that Mitsubishi UFJ Nikos provides.
When we make payment with 4 EC cards, one time of payment number of times assumes only payment.

Article 8 (we change reservation before the departure from a port of)
 When we change reservation contents by convenience, we shall contact zamami village Naha branch office directly, and, in that case, zamami village Naha branch office decides to accept change when there is vacant seat of surface mail that we are going to change.
When we accept the handling of change by rule of 2 foregoing paragraphs, we charge this if there is the balance due when the balance occurs to fare and rate by the change concerned and decide to refund this if there is surplus sum.
About change after 3 reservations, we switch to payment method at ticketing window and do not perform the settlement by EC card settlement service reserved by this service.
We make payment by 4 Clause 4 mentioned above in the meeting credit card settlement at cash or window.
When we cancel by 5 starts on a voyage and do not contact, we do not refund fare.

Article 9 (refund at the time of cancellation)
 In any of the next, we refund fare of sum to set of each issue concerned each and rate in release office of embarkation ticket concerned.
When we cancel 2 embarkation ticket on account of the passenger, in (we include some cancellation), we refund thing that deducted fee 30% with cash. But we do not perform refund after start on a voyage.
When we are suspended by troubles of 3 ships, we refund fare with total amount cash.

Chapter 4 use interruption and suspension
Article 10 (use interruption)
 In the case of next, zamami village may stop the use of service.
(1) When it is unavoidable in in maintenance of facilities for service or construction.
(2) When person of telecommunications business of the first kind cancels telecommunications service.
When we stop the use of service by rule of 2 foregoing paragraphs, we shall announce so beforehand on homepage for general users.
But it is not this limit when it is urgently unavoidable.
Article 11 (suspension)
 As for the zamami village, general user may stop the use of service in any of any of the following.
(1) When it is revealed that we notified of false matter at the time of reservation application.
(2) When we violate rule of Article 16 (verboten).
(3) In addition, when we perform act that Zamami, Zamami-son-mura judges to be inappropriate.
When 2 zamami village stops the use of service by rule of foregoing paragraph, they shall notify of so for general user beforehand. But it is not this limit when it is urgently unavoidable.

Chapter 5 compensation for damages
Article 12 (compensation for damages)
For the damage of general user who arose from reason that should not come to responsibility of zamami village, general user shall not take the responsibility at all.
When general user suffers damage by reason that should come to responsibility of person of 2 telecommunications businesses of the first kind or other telecommunications companies, zamami village shall not take the at all responsibility.
When we were not able to offer service by 3 natural disasters, incident or other inevitability, zamami village shall not take the responsibility at all.
When some kind of request or suit is brought up for zamami village with the use of service by other general users or general user as thing which damaged for third party concerned or third party, 4 public users shall solve problem in expense and responsibility of public user oneself, and zamami village shall not take the at all responsibility.

Chapter 6 maintenance
Article 13 (maintenance of zamami village ship WEB reservation system)
 When obstacle occurred to facilities for service that we set up or when we knew that the facilities concerned were lost, we repair immediately or zamami village restores.

Article 14 (maintenance responsibility of general user)
 Because general user does not give trouble for offer of service, we shall maintain to operate terminal which general user uses normally.

Chapter 7 precautions
Article 15 (notice of general user)
 Notices from zamami village to general user shall be carried out by fate of Honjo.
When reason to establish occurred to each next issue, 2 zamami village shall notify general user of so. In this case we list notice contents in homepage so that general user can be informed.
(1) Change of these terms.
(2) Addition of new service and function.
(3) Suspension of service.
(4) Change of offer condition of other services.

Article 16 (verboten)
General user must not do the next act on using service.
(1) Act to use for profit.
(2) It is the transmission or act to write in by harmful computer programs.
(3) Act to violate copyright or other intellectual property rights of other general users or third party in bulletin board of Internet homepage
(4) Slander other general users or third party or, in bulletin board of Internet homepage, slander; and act that hurts honor
(5) Act to violate property, privacy of other general users or third party in bulletin board of Internet homepage
(6) Preelection campaigning of election or act similar to this
(7) Act to release information sentence of inappropriate contents and figure to another person for contents or other young fellows against public order and morals in bulletin board of Internet homepage
(8) act that disturbs administration of zamami village ship WEB reservation system
(9) Act to violate laws and ordinances
(10) act to force sending E-mail to the transmission of spam mail or unspecified number of the general public, and reading it, answering questionnaire or to transfer the E-mail concerned to other public users or third party

Chapter 10 minor regulations
Article 17 (secret maintenance)
 Zamami village shall not leak secret information of general user whom we were able to know in conjunction with offer of service to third party. But it shall not be this limit when it is based on warrant which court issues.
Article 18 (exclusive agreement competent court)
 When we need suit between general user, we assume court having jurisdiction over zamami village exclusive agreement competent court with general user.

Additional clause
These terms are applied from June 11, 2013.

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