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With zamami village islanders network

inet1.pngZamami village islanders network loves beautiful nature of zamami village and is member system club of which became fan.
Member "net villager" of zamami village.
Do you not look at resident's card of heart in islands of zamami village among coral reefs even if you live in city?
Zamami village recruits net villagers of the wide generation.

Zamami village islanders network has people who came to like islands of Zamami know Zamami more deeply, and it is said to have you enjoy zamami village more usefully.

You mention the latest information of island on homepage, and please taste zamami village which one step stepped into using privilege when you actually visited island. NET villagers who are member is cheering party made with village of the 21st century. Please send opinion, idea about sightseeing of request to village and zamami village in the future through bulletin boards for exclusive use of member.

It is decided by logo of islanders network, member open call for participants

Special plan zamami village islanders network logo mark design decision of the tenth anniversary

After appealing to members for logo mark design of our meeting in commemoration of the islanders net tenth anniversary, we had many works apply. We are very grateful to all of you who had you suggest work.
As a result of selection society, it was decided in the next design which had you approach from member, Megumi Ono.
I would like islands and design of sea turtle.

inet2.jpgMessage from Megumi Ono

Beautiful islands floating in the East China Sea.
Terrestrial globe-shaped design "network"
"Sea turtle" which we were able to come across whenever it came
"Kerama blue" that we were taught by guide
We made these form.

About member registration


Annual convention costs 1,000 yen, enrollment fee 500 yen (it includes consumption tax)

[enrollment qualification]

  • Anyone can register one 16 years or older with member.
  • Member should be personal chisel.
  • For maintenance of member service, I decline the enrollment of tourist bureau for the purpose of duties firmly.

[enrollment method]

Please send one where you wish to enroll in to member registration application form after the input after having read member terms by all means. In addition, you print form and can send to by facsimile. Person who was applied for would like facsimile very sorry for your inconvenience, but to be able to call for confirmation within business hours.

TEL 098-896-4070 (business hours from 9:00 to 17:00)
FAX 098-987-2278

[payment method of fee]

■Transfer (Japan Post Bank, Bank of Okinawa)
In the following account 1,500 yen (please transfer enrollment fee 500 yen, annual convention costs 1,000 yen. Sorry, customer, please bear transfer fee.)

Transfer between Japan Post Bank
[sign] 17000  
Number 7334051
[name] zamamisonairandazunettowaku

Transfer from other financial institutions
[store's name] 708 (reading Nana zero bee)
[salesclerk] 708
[deposit item] Ordinary deposit
[account number] 0733405

Bank of Okinawa Takahashi Branch
[deposit item] Ordinary deposit
[account number] 1658673
[name] zamamisonairandazunettowaku

■Credit card
We will tell about ID necessary for the member service use by email as soon as we can take approval from credit card company.
※Please note that you take only credit card in the name of person.

※On date of the bill details of credit card company, date when we did sales processing in our association is listed.




[member registration]

Please send one where you wish to enroll in to member registration application form (SSL coding communication introduction finished keeping personal information) after input after having read member terms by all means.

[zamami village islanders network member terms]

Zamami village islanders network establishes zamami village islanders network member terms as follows.

Chapter 1 basic rule
Article 1 (application of terms)
 Zamami village islanders network member terms (say "these terms" as follows.) It determines this and in this way offers the following services.
 (1) We look at queen state that zamami village runs and make a reservation of ferry zamamino embarkation ticket and give a service (we say "embarkation reservation service" as follows.)
 (2) Service for exclusive use of member of Internet homepage
 (3) In addition, service to supplement offer of (1) - (2)
Rules to determine 2 separately shall constitute these terms each.
Article 2 (change of terms)
 We may change these terms without getting consent of member. It is decided that offer condition of this case is based on member terms after change. But, about change of fee, we apply to member who joined and member who updated after the change.

Contents of Chapter 2 service
Article 3 (the use of service)
 Member can use service to fix for these terms Chapter 1 Article 1.
Article 4 (member ID and password, member's card)
 Zamami village islanders network issues member ID for use of service and password, member's card to member.
About 2 member ID and password, member's card, we shall be able to use only member.
3 member ID and password, management of member's card and use assume responsibility of member, and zamami village islanders network shall not take responsibility about abuse by blunder in use or third party at all.
When we receive 4 member privileges, we shall show member's card by all means.
Article 5 (start of service)
 We shall start service when these terms Chapter 3 enrollment contract was concluded with member applicant in between zamami village islanders network.

We sign on the Chapter 3 enrollment
Article 6 (member)
 We consent to these terms, and member does the use of service only with individual who approved application, this by predetermined method based on procedure to appoint.
Article 7 (application method)
 Zamami village islanders network makes a contract with person that these terms were approved to be concerned with service (we say "enrollment contract" as follows.) We conclude this.
When we apply for 2 enrollment contracts, we can propose to these terms by four following methods after agreement.
(1) Method to fill in matter necessary for enrollment application form that we printed from the zamami village homepage top, and to propose by FAX
(2) Method to propose after filling out matter necessary for membership application form at window
(3) Method to propose by mail or FAX after filling out matter necessary for membership application form which we obtained beforehand.
(4) Method to propose from registration page of zamami village homepage.
When application is accomplished according to procedure of foregoing paragraph and was able to confirm payment of fee to fix for Article 16, 3 zamami village islanders network shall issue member ID to use service for applicant and password, member's card. This member ID and password, member's card apply rule of Article 4 mutatis mutandis.
Article 8 (consent of contract application)
We consider enrollment contract that enrollment contract was concluded when zamami village islanders network consents for application by method to fix for preceding article, and applicant received member ID that we issued and password, member's card.
In the case of the second, we may not consent to application. In addition, we shall be able to cancel enrollment contract promptly when we correspond to one of each next issue even if after enrollment contract establishment.
(1) When it is person who does not exist
(2) When it is revealed that we notified of false matter at the time of application for enrollment contract
(3) When it becomes clear that person who applied for enrollment contract received suspension of cancellation of enrollment contract or service by inappropriate acts in the past
(4) When applicant is ward (person adjudged incompetent), either of cover conservator (quasi-incompetent) and, in the case of enrollment application, does not get agreements of legal representative or conservator
(5) In the case of collectives such as corporation, any group or group
(6) When when it has difficulty in duties accomplishment of in technique or zamami village islanders network remarkably to consent to application for other enrollment contracts, we judge
Article 9 (validity of member qualification)
 We do member qualification with one year from day when member ID and password, grant of member's card were carried out.
Article 10 (update of member qualification)
 We notify for two months on expiration date, and update of member qualification is performed with payment of year costs of new validity within 14 days before expiration date.
Article 11 (notice of change)
 When change occurs in mention contents at the time of applications of full name, address, member shall notify zamami village islanders network by predetermined method immediately.
Article 12 (prohibition such as transfers of right)
 Let member transfers right to receive offer of service or use, and buying and selling, name change, quality case.
Article 13 (cancellation of contract that member performs)
 When member cancels contract, by three following methods, we shall notify of cancellation for zamami village islanders network.
(1) At window, we fill in withdrawal application and file.
(2) We convey hope of withdrawal over email or telephone.
Article 14 (cancellation of contract)
When member made suspension of service does not correct the reason by rule of Article 27 (suspension), zamami village islanders network may cancel the contract.
In addition, we shall cancel contract without requiring prior notification when zamami village islanders network judged that the reason affects duties accomplishment.
When we are going to cancel contract by rule of Honjo Clause 1, 2 zamami village islanders network shall notify member of so beforehand. But it is not this limit when it is urgently unavoidable.

Chapter 4 fees
Article 15 (fee)
 Fee assumes first one year 1, 500 yen (enrollment costs, annual convention costs) and assumes 1, 000 yen (only as for the annual convention costs) after the second year. In the case of bank transfer, payment assumes transfer fee burden on member.
Article 16 (payment of fee)
We shall pay fee in any of the following procedure.
(1) When we perform application directly at window, we can pay in cash at window.
(2) When it is application form on homepage or mail or FAX and applies, we shall pay to bank account that zamami village islanders network appoints.
Article 17 (refund of fee)
 We shall not perform refund of fee that we received in any reason at all anymore.
Article 18 (change of fee)
 We shall have possibilities to change fee by changes of prices. When we are going to change, we shall notify member of so beforehand.

Chapter 5 embarkation reservation service
Article 19 (reception desk initiation and termination of reservation)
 Reservation starts for +7 day for two months on day to go on board and shall be finished on the day before on day to go on board.
Article 20 (limit of reservation)
 In embarkation reservation service, there shall be limit about the next matter.
(1) In one reservation, we can register to five people including member. More than 6 cases shall contact embarkation ticket sale place on the telephone directly for embarkation two months.
(2) We shall be able to register reservation to four one way (if roundtrip two). Reservation from the third case shall contact embarkation ticket sale place directly.
(3) Reservation shall lose effect in 20 minutes before start on a voyage of flight going on board.
(4) We cannot reserve the starting day.
Article 21 (expiration date and reservation of member qualification)
 When member makes a reservation after expiration date of member qualification as of before expiration date of member qualification and does not update it even if it is past expiration date of member qualification, the reservation validates.
When we change reservation of 2 foregoing paragraphs or we delete, we shall contact embarkation ticket sale place directly.
Article 22 (member contract cancellation and reservation)
 When we cancel contract from member, and member is established before date when we made a reservation, the reservation shall remain in effect.
When we change reservation of 2 foregoing paragraphs or we delete, we shall contact embarkation ticket sale place directly.
About reservation performed before cancellation of member that 3 zamami village islanders network removed contract, we invalidate the reservation.
When unjust reservations such as double reservations are found out in the case of 4 reservations, we may cancel reservation.
Article 23 (point out the EC card settlement)
 When we make a reservation in embarkation reservation service, member can pay the predetermined embarkation price than the EC guard settlement. But we cannot perform the EC card settlement for remote island reduced fare applied only to zamami village inhabitants.
We perform the credit settlement of fare about 2 EC card settlement in EC card settlement service site that Mitsubishi UFJ Nikos provides.
When we make payment with 3 EC cards, one time of payment number of times assumes only payment.
Article 24 (we change reservation before the departure from a port of)
 When we change reservation contents on account of the member, we change by WEB reservation system, or member shall contact zamami village Naha branch office directly, and, in that case, zamami village islanders network decides to accept change when there is vacant seat in surface mail that we are going to change. (available for reservation contents change over telephone for two months on embarkation day)
When we accept the handling of change by rule of 2 foregoing paragraphs, we charge this if there is the balance due when the balance occurs to fare and rate by the change concerned and decide to refund this if there is surplus sum.
It is only on the condition that we pay, and change with 3 WEB reservation systems does not make a reservation by the EC card settlement. We change change after EC card settlement reservation with communication as zamami village Naha branch office.
About change after paying, and having made a reservation by 4 EC credit card settlement, we switch to ticketing window nideno payment method and do not perform the settlement by EC card settlement service reserved by this service.
We make payment by 5 Clause 4 mentioned above in the meeting credit card settlement at cash or window.
When 6 EC card settlement is reserved and they cancel by start on a voyage and do not contact, we do not refund fare.
Article 25 (refund at the time of cancellation)
 In any of the next, we refund fare of sum to set of each issue concerned each and rate in release office of embarkation ticket concerned.
When we cancel 2 embarkation ticket on account of the passenger, in (we include some cancellation), we refund thing that deducted fee 30% with cash. But we do not perform refund after start on a voyage.
When we are suspended by troubles of 3 ships, we refund fare with total amount cash.

Chapter 6 use interruption and suspension
Article 26 (use interruption)
 In the case of next, zamami village islanders network may stop the use of service.
(1) When it is unavoidable in in maintenance of facilities for service or construction.
(2) When person of telecommunications business of the first kind cancels telecommunications service.
When we stop the use of service by rule of 2 foregoing paragraphs, we shall announce so beforehand on homepage for members.
But it is not this limit when it is urgently unavoidable.
Article 27 (suspension)
 In the zamami village islanders network, member may stop the use of service in any of any of the following.
(1) When it is revealed that we notified of false matter at the time of application for enrollment contract.
(2) When we violate rule of Article 33 (verboten).
(3) When we perform act to judge that other zamami village islanders network is inappropriate.
When we stop the use of service by rule of foregoing paragraph, 2 zamami village islanders network shall notify member of so beforehand. But it is not this limit when it is urgently unavoidable.

Chapter 7 compensation for damages
Article 28 (compensation for damages)
For the damage of member who arose from reason that should not come to responsibility of zamami village islanders network, zamami village islanders network shall not take the at all responsibility.
When member suffers damage by reason that should come to responsibility of person of 2 telecommunications businesses of the first kind or other telecommunications companies, zamami village islanders network shall not take the at all responsibility.
When we were not able to offer service by 3 natural disasters, incident or other inevitability, zamami village islanders network shall not take the responsibility at all.
When some kind of request or suit is brought up with the use of service for zamami village islanders network by other members or member as thing which damaged for third party concerned or third party, 4 members shall solve problem in expense and responsibility of member oneself, and zamami village islanders network shall not take the at all responsibility.

Chapter 8 maintenance
Article 29 (maintenance of zamami village islanders network)
 When obstacle occurred to facilities for service that we set up or when we knew that the facilities concerned were lost, we repair immediately or zamami village islanders network restores.
Article 30 (maintenance responsibility of member)
 Because member does not give trouble for offer of service, we shall maintain to operate terminal which member uses normally.

Chapter 9 precautions
Article 31 (notice to member)
 Notices from zamami village islanders network to member shall be carried out by fate of Honjo.
When reason to establish occurred to each next issue, 2 zamami village islanders network shall notify member of so. In this case we list notice contents in homepage for members so that member can be informed.
(1) Change of these terms.
(2) Addition of new service and function.
(3) Change of fee.
(4) Suspension of service.
(5) Change of offer condition of other services.
Article 32 (verboten)
Member must not do the next act on using service.
(1) Act to use for profit.
(2) It is the transmission or act to write in by harmful computer programs.
(3) Act to use member ID of other members and password, member's card illegally.
(4) Act to violate copyright or other intellectual property rights of other members or third party in bulletin board of Internet homepage
(5) Slander other members or third party or, in bulletin board of Internet homepage, slander; and act that hurts honor
(6) Act to violate property, privacy of other members or third party in bulletin board of Internet homepage
(7) Preelection campaigning of election or act similar to this
(8) Act to release information sentence of inappropriate contents and figure to another person for contents or other young fellows against public order and morals in bulletin board of Internet homepage
(9) act that disturbs administration of zamami village islanders network
(10) Act to violate laws and ordinances
(11) act to force sending E-mail to the transmission of spam mail or the unspecified number of member, and reading it, answering questionnaire or to transfer the E-mail concerned to other members or third party
When inappropriateness and contents which we judged are posted in bulletin board for exclusive use of member of Internet service in administration of contents to raise in foregoing paragraph (2) - (11) or other zamami village islanders network, 2 zamami village islanders network may delete it.

Chapter 10 minor regulations
Article 33 (secret maintenance)
 Zamami village islanders network shall not leak secret information of member whom we were able to know in conjunction with offer of service to third party. But it shall not be this limit when it is based on warrant which court issues.
Article 34 (exclusive agreement competent court)
 When we need suit between member, we assume court having jurisdiction over the zamami village islanders network secretariat location exclusive agreement competent court with member.

Additional clause
These terms are applied from August 1, 2001.
July 8, 2008 revision
February 9, 2009 revision
November 16, 2009 revision
April 1, 2010 revision
September 1, 2011 revision
June 11, 2013 revision

Please send one where you wish to enroll in to member registration application form (SSL coding communication introduction finished keeping personal information) after the input after having read the member terms mentioned above.

Do you agree to member terms?

About the net reservation starting date

See, and ferry state sees queen state of general customer now; on the telephone reservation starting date from "two months ago on embarkation day,"
It is "two months +1 week" on the net reservation starting date of member.

●Member →  We make a reservation of the flight on Tuesday, November 8 in net from 0:00 a.m. on Thursday, September 1 and accept and start
●General customer → We make a reservation of the flight on Tuesday, November 1 over telephone from 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, September 1 and accept and start


※You may not take reservation by flight which is crowded about net reserved seat. Please thank you for your understanding.
※Vacant seat may appear by cancellation about convenience of full (indication of X) in "status". In addition, when it is two months ago (now one month ago), share of public bar is reflected by net reservation screen (from past 10:00 a.m.), and flight which we can reserve may appear.

●Guidance and request●

  • We will tell e-mail address that had you register the receipt of money after the confirmation about member ID necessary for ship web reservations. Person of dispatch, please register e-mail address of cell-phone.
  • Even if pass 3rd, after the payment of fee, there is not ID; when do not arrive, sorry for your inconvenience, but please contact members desk.
  • When we receive member service, we can acquire necessary member's card from cell-phone of goods in stock. You have you access member's card acquisition page with PC and print and can have.

About member privilege

[privilege news]

As membership benefit of whale watching festival

We mail calendar of whale of pokke104 design this year and give a service!

Please apply over email or telephone.

In addition, eating and drinking ticket of 500 yen is presented by music festival of whale by the first 20 people!

[member privilege color color]

■E-mail magazine "news from island"

We send island news from zamami village to member by email every month.
We tell about privilege information every season.

■Ship reservation is possible from WEB (it is not said that you take first priority and can make a reservation by all means)

"Looking at queen state" "looks at ferry state" from our homepage, and no ship reservation is enabled for 24 hours when registered by member.
We can make a reservation until 2 roundtrips (four one way) in total to five people about once for +7 day for two months of the embarkation.
We can access reservation screen from cell-phone.

※Please enroll after noting that we may not get reservation of member seat by crowded flight.
It is as follows about the number of the seats of expressway ship which can be reserved on the Internet to member (in all 200 seats).
When net seat is full, please make a reservation like general customer on the telephone although being grateful.

  • GW, July, August, three rests 30 seats of each other months
  • 50 seats of other periods

There is no net reserved seat about temporariness service.

■Baggage custody in Zamami Island, Aka Island is free!  NEW!

In zamami village Tourism Association, it revised rate of baggage to take at window from H30 four a year 28 days a month.

With it to zamami village islanders net member,

I take baggage to take with Zamami Island tourist information center and Aka Island sangoyuntaku building in free of charge as privilege of member.

(in the case of the some lockers use, paid)

After having checked out of accommodation, in the case of baggage custody until time for ship, please use.

※Custody until from 9:00 a.m. to the evening 17:00.

■Route in Naha Tomari Port NEW!

Flat 6,100 yen with single room overnight one person breakfast

(we cope on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) ※There shall not be combination with other privileges.



■Kori ocean tower NEW!

Original postcard is presented by customer who was entered!


■*kyujocho々ennyuenryo 20% discount NEW!

We buy ticket of Churaumi Aquarium ticket or *kyujocho々en + Churaumi Aquarium in *kyujocho々en, and it is presented ticket discount and Class three pieces of original postcards by customer of request. Example: When purchase Churaumi Aquarium ticket in *kyujocho々en; adult 1,850 yen → To 1,660 yen!


■Quit; even on the day is sale NEW at advance ticket price cause Okinawa!

We quit and even on the day sell entrance ticket of cause Okinawa Flowers bloom beautifully and the moon shines bright at advance ticket price.

 ☆Quit; cause Okinawa Flowers bloom beautifully and the moon shines bright HP http://www.yoshimoto.co.jp/okinawakagetsu/pc/


■Zamami village fishermen's cooperative association direct sales store tempura present NEW!

Two local fresh fish and cuttlefish tempura is presented by one that purchased lunch! Clothes, please enjoy plump Okinawa tempura than tempura of the inland. http://www.vill.zamami.okinawa.jp/enjoy/eat/cafe.html

■10% of Zamami Island drifter stand-upper paddles off NEW!
Paradise SUP (half day) tour of coral include member; is 10% OFF to five people. In uninhabited island, we can enjoy padoringu and snorkeling. http://www.drifter.okinawa.jp/

■Zamami Island nature land kayaks discount

Across the sea excellent at transparency; and to uninhabited island! 1Day kayak tours such as snorkeling or sea turtle watching include member; to five people in 5% OFF. http://www.okinawakayak.jp/islandeers.html

 ■10% of Zamami tsuao pe military rations are off
All the groups including member are off all 10% of menus from Zamami tsuaope of marine taxi. As for the rental of uninhabited island handing over, surf-fishing and marine goods. http://www.zamami.ne.jp/

 ■Zamami Island petit gallery umimaru
Photographer unit, umimaru which sets up base in Zamami. He/she presents Class five pieces of postcards to member of purchase more than 2,000 yen in gallery in Ama district.

■Zamami Island Okinawa resort cashback
We pay accommodation + Marine Service cashback 1,000 yen a day in one that had you use with set at Okinawa resort!

■Zamami Island magii sea club
Rental and Malin recreation shop in Old Zamami beach. ①By ② snorkel set rental discounted by Marine Service 500 yen (we remove glass boat), it is life jacket free rental
090-1947-5830 http://www.h3.dion.ne.jp/~magiy/

■Zamami Island parlor rest
Stand in Old Zamami beach. We pull chipped ice 100 yen. (normal 300 yen →\ 200). We sell light meal, drink, miscellaneous goods. http://furuzamami.exblog.jp/

■Association of Zamami Island hoeruuochingu
It is presented receptionist "three pieces of original postcards" in (from the end of December to the beginning of April every year), association during period by one got on. http://www.vill.zamami.okinawa.jp/whale/

 ■Zamami Masatoshi Miyahira uninhabited island handing over 10% off
All the groups including member are off 10% in one using marine taxi. (to agenashiku island, gahi island normal 1,500 yen →\ 1350, Amuro Island normal 2,500 yen →\ 2250)

■Strap original from Aka Island akajima Marine Service
To member that diving shop noakajima Marine Service where guest house was added to was used (regardless of fan diving, experience-based diving) strap.

■Aka Island daibusabisukukururu experience-based diving, boat snorkel 10% are off
It is cozy shop to run in couples. "Experience-based diving" "boat snorkel" is off 10% when you can convey islanders subscriber ID at the time of reservation.

■10% of Aka Island L asuru experience-based diving is off
Shop where there is expert guide of 24 years in guide career. He/she coordinates course doride, the water not to bore. 10% of experience-based diving is off! There is suspension of business from December through March

■Aka Island Malin house Shiisa diving, experience-based diving snorkeling 1,000 yen discount
Foundation 22 years. It discounts comfort No. 1 1,000 yen at the time of the Malin menu use toward the companion including member than Malin house Shiisa to declare. Other privileges and combination are impossible.

■Hotel of Naha is Roco Inn Matsuyama at member rate
At rate following at budget hotel "Roco Inn Matsuyama" near from Naha Tomari Port
You can stay. It is convenient for before and after event stay in Naha and is advantageous.
It is 4,700 yen ... in single room (with breakfast)
It is ... ... of 3200 yen per person with semi-double
(amount of money may change depending on the date)
In the case of the use, tell, "it is zamami village islanders net member.".
Hotel Roco Inn Matsuyama HP


Inquiry about islanders network

[inquiry of islanders network member]
 Zamami village islanders network members desk
 〒901-3402 Zamami, Zamami, Zamami-son, Okinawa Port terminal
 Telephone 098-896-4070
 Email: zin@kankou.vill.zamami.okinawa.jp

Member registration fills in information necessary for form that we printed and can have you send by FAX or mail. In that case, please send until the above.

About the handling of personal information

Zamami village islanders network manages personal information of customer who had you register severely and handles as follows.

  1. About use purpose
    We handle in reservation acceptance duties such as ships, sightseeing of Motomura and information distribution about special product, range accomplishing member management office work again.
  2. About management
    We perform appropriate management about personal information that I took and carry out safety measures for danger such as unjust access, loss, destruction, manipulation from the outside and will work for protection.
  3. About offer to third party
    We may not provide personal information to third party without agreement of the person unless we were ordered offer based on laws and ordinances again from machineries of law when it is difficult for to with consent of member when it is necessary for protection of human life, body or property.














































































About advertisement business

Access to Zamami is Ira's by helicopter

Sea bathing tour of Zamami to sky tours

Bargain rent-a-car tabirai Okinawa of Okinawa

Zamami island, gahi island tour to Kinki Nippon Tourist

Look at state; island ppu