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Usage guidance

1 administration policy

We run zamami village official homepage (called official homepage as follows.) based on the following policy.

  • All used everybodies try for exhibition of homepage that it is easy to see and is easy to use.
  • We try to provide wide information so that used everybody can look for necessary information.
  • We try to become easy to use more for improvement while adopting opinion of used everybody.

Movement environment that recommends 2

We recommend the following movement environment to use official homepage more comfortably.

  • After Windows XP after IE7 after Firefox3

 (when it is Internet Explorer after nine, you can see functions such as social buttons. Weather gadget does not support IE)

  • After MacintoshOSX after Safari4


About 3 links

We can link to all pages of official homepage freely. By emails in village for approval it is not necessary, but please exhibit that is official homepage. But we do not admit that we link from the following web page.

  • Eroticism, violent description, web page with mention to be illegal, and to be tied to criminal act
  • Web page with honor, property such as personal groups, contents violating privacy and mention to slander personal group, and to slander
  • Politics, election activity, web page with mention about religion
  • Web page that displays official homepage in frame
  • Web page with mention against public order and morals
  • Web page that causes computer virus infection and unauthorized access

About all contents listed in origin of link, zamami village does not take responsibility. In addition, we are not concerned.
Zamami village may link to country, prefecture, other municipalities or public interest corporation. We post link to company providing advertisement. But, about contents of web page that is displayed more that we clicked, zamami village does not take responsibility at all.

About 4 file format

We use the following file format in official homepage.
HTML file, PDF file, MicorsoftWord file, MicorsoftExcel file, MicorsoftPowerPoint file, Windows Media file, ZIP file
This is because we choose each file format so that what we want to tell about comes appropriately. In addition, this is because it considers to be able to more easily obtain document when there is much information. Depending on connected movement environment, it may not be available, but thank you for your understanding.

About PDF file

Adobe Reader (free browser) is necessary so that you see document of Portable Document Format.
One that you do not have clicks the next link, and please download.

Downloading of Adobe Reader is this

About safety of file to post 5 on

We scan file to post on official homepage at making. But software using may not discover virus. Therefore file posting may be infected with virus. When file is used, we scan again and would appreciate your being careful enough.

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