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Zamami tour guide map

Diving shop Elli Sella


Is it the topography? Is it fish? Leisurely? From beginner to camera group, we coordinate diving.  Snorkeling, fishing are OK, too. How do you spend time in island?

Kayak & stand-upper paddle DRIFTER drifter


We love the sea! Kayak & SUP shop where ability group, individuality group guide gather. We are holding tour with various points every day! Sea turtle! Uninhabited island! Cave! Besides, points to be excited about are varied! We suggest the best tour content to weather on the day! From the first one to repeater, we will row happily together!

Atelier spring


Do you not participate in workshop for the making of memory of Zamami? We will express memory by writing brush letter. It is only one work in the world.

zamami YOGA style COCO


Do you not do beach yoga while feeling the sea and wind of Zamami? Sunrise yoga, sunset yoga, SUP yoga and menu are available, too. Even the first person will challenge in one given lessons in which there is casually!

Island power


Full-scale on-site training & ecotourism guide. Owner who is authority of island play instructs way of enjoying in whole year. In the summer boat snorkeling, winter as for the whale watching.

Stand-upper paddleboard shop COCO SUP


Store specializing in stand-upper paddle boats (SUP) only in Zamami! ! We prepare for abundant menu which is possible only in specialty store. We keep relief, security, fun tour in mind and are open.



Rental store of parlor and marine goods of light meal in Old Zamami beach. As for the boat attractions such as banana boat in the sea excellent at transparency, monster, glass boat other than beach attractions such as wake boards, coral reef tour.

Zamami tour operation


As for uninhabited island handing over, there are snorkel set, parasol, leisure sheet, air conditioner BOX, pickup and drop-off of accommodation in privilege toward the reservation that there is! Offing fishing can eat fish which we caught at bar and barbecue. We deliver surf-fishing rental. If there is request (what we want to try) on trip to Zamami, we give advice as much as possible.

Marine Shop Hartland


Experience-based diving snorkeling sea kayaking, SUP, trolling whale watching prepares for various tours fan diving ♪ Let's enjoy Zamami together (^^)

Male Comyn torr Kerama pearl


Customer who wants to cross by customer, charter that customer who wants to enjoy stay in Kerama at the full blast, flight of going and returning are not enough for by liner in Tonaki Island, Kumejima…We meet request of etc. Miyakojima can navigate by the only greater coasting service possibility in Zamami, too. We do whale watching for the winter season.

Circle practices yoga


We will turn to fresh air with oneself through yoga in spite of being physical much feeling in Nature. Even beginner, obstinate person of body can participate. Both heart and body are refreshed, and let's be relaxed.

Snorkel guide Wayama Mozuku


We offer selection of point only in store specializing in boat snorkeling, way of enjoying snorkeling. The sea of Kerama that crowd of instructor guides shows around in Mozuku fishermen is mysterious happily!  We guide beginner, child safely.

MarineShop IRIE zamami


Snorkeling that is the best in inlet where is the first on that day! We hold SUP & snorkel tour from boat and beach! As SUP surfing goes when there is wave, please feel free to contact♪

The hanamuro in the sea

Aka, Geruma

Shop of Sapp tour first in Aka Island. We interlace kayak and lead to the sea of coral reef. Main of tour is snorkel, but loves Sapp and kayak! Person called this rows freely in guide designated sea area and can play. Even beginner is all right. Our shop is Okinawa safety measures excellence company where weather forecaster belongs to.

Marine Ocean (seakayakshopRYO)

Aka, Geruma

As owner is fisher (uminchu); virginity always fresh as for the meal during tour. In the case of tour cancellation, we open shellwork classroom using beach glass and shellfish by bad weather.

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Access to Zamami is Ira's by helicopter

Sea bathing tour of Zamami to sky tours

Bargain rent-a-car tabirai Okinawa of Okinawa

Zamami island, gahi island tour to Kinki Nippon Tourist

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