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Zamami tour guide map



Rental store of parlor and marine goods of light meal in Old Zamami beach. As for the boat attractions such as banana boat in the sea excellent at transparency, monster, glass boat other than beach attractions such as wake boards, coral reef tour.



Night grows to delicious liquor to drink along with person of island at counter… It faces alley in front of Shirahama eye orchids resort. Come for mark with lantern.

Cafe tea bira


Stylish cafe of accommodation charr villa with beautiful garden. Delicious organic coffee is recommended.

kafushi temple


Cafe & bar of gathering of travelers in island accommodation akabanano one angle. Openhearted travelling companions gather, and have a heated telling a story at night, and every bottom of star of the sky enjoys feast strangely.

Teahouse of the parlor sea


Parlor that tea dealer of the cottage sea does business in front of Ama district Ama beach entrance. Ice cream, chipped ice, light meal, a lot of drinks.

Healthy meal Aya dandelion


Lunch in front of village office and side dish, shop of Okinawa soba. We were particular about handcrafting! Healthy lunch, rice ball. Croquette handmade as for the recommendation.

Mozuku soba Wayama Sea cloud


Shop of specialty of Zamami "Mozuku soba." Chewy Okinawa soba which we kneaded owner oneself local Mozuku which we cultivated into and Japanese style soup stock which bonito and flavor of kombu are rich in match and are delicious.

Sanraku SANTA


We provide seasonal ingredients and liquor which we ordered with confidence from various parts of Japan. All the dishes are delicious.

Wild chrysanthemum


Home-cooked meal restaurant using ingredients of island. From 1,500 yen alone as for the lunchtime. From at night alone 2,500 yen. In group of adults wanting to eat delicious thing slowly. Reservation required.

BAR, nomitoko Keiko


Bar of room which is open in corner of village, private house of red cement tile roof. We seemed to totally come to house of friend in island to drink. Saying, in "room of tatami mat, be relaxed"; lesson mom.



Striking distance of port. Shop of open deck only in island. As for the coming season, beer is delicious!



Just in front of of Zamami Port. Drink and ice cream, chipped ice. It is also shop of souvenir. Nemacystus decipiens boiled in soy sauce, tuna wife handicraft boiled in soy sauce are popular.

Marumi shop


Okinawa dishes-centered restaurant. Mozuku Chanpuru, deep-fried soup stock of G Mami tofu are delicious. Lunch 700 yen iced coffee or ice tea mo favorable reception belonging to

Parlor rest


"Sale in Old Zamami beach cottage." Light meal, drink, chipped ice, beach goods sale. Very popular Nemacystus decipiens kakiage topping Nemacystus decipiens side (photograph).

Restaurant & bara tuku


Stylish cafe restaurant of south resort feeling perfect score in the second floor of guest house miyamura along main street prefectural road Route 187 (as for the width of road 3 meters) of island. We enjoy cocktail at counter, and there is private room which can swell in group. Breakfast can be reserved, too.

sabaidikafe sabaidirentaru


sabaidikafe We make espresso menu, sandwich, today's baked confectionery carefully. As for the chipped ice of in the summer homemade syrup. sabaidirentaru Rent-a-bicycle shop in sabaidikafe site. It is cheap, clean bicycle and motorcycle. Rental that we step over day is possible.

My shop uncle


We are on the way to way toward Old Zamami from port. Local person recommended Zamami noted product katsudon is unrivaled article of volume perfect score!

Takoyaki Bar tiger Jiro


It is in post office. It is open bar boasting takoyaki and Mozuku original dishes. We can taste night of slightly deep island.

Guest house & diving service Aka Island red seems to suck in; cafe

Aka, Geruma

We are glad if we feel happiness that nobody knows that is united with Nature of Kerama, and seems to melt into the blue. Guest house red juxtaposition. We treat with free air-conditioner perfection, hearty cooking with all five rooms.

Trattoria Bar Geruma gnon

Aka, Geruma

Fusion of vegetables and fish of island that owner cultivates self as for trattoria bar gel Manes Yong. It is space of healing to feel dishes good for your health and nature of island.

It is cafe, huh

Aka, Geruma

White new building gamejirushi. Smoothie and pasta and pizza are popular shops for woman. There are lunch and draft beer, too.

Parlor Miyama

Aka, Geruma

Dining rooms such as curry, Okinawa soba, Taco rice and ice cream built along the foreshore. Shop where wind from the sea to see over there of tree of mompa is comfortable.

Bar Jonah Mine house

Aka, Geruma

Bar which is good at night when Aka Island is quiet. In private house of red cement tile roof, there are counter and room seat. The corners of the mouth to Malin house Shiisa containing.

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