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Way of enjoying zamami village

School Field Trip

To travel agency, people concerned with school

In the beautiful sea on-site training

syuryo1.jpgWe accept school excursion student to have you have the 31st national park "Kerama Islands national park" know the charm in appointed zamami village from the beauty in Japan and make memory of splendid on-site training. We prepare for program to have you experience diving utilized the beautiful sea and Malin experience including snorkel and fishing, local cuisine experience, culture experience such as folk art. In addition, it is place of Pacific War U.S. forces landing first step, and zamami village is known as land where had miserable experience. Peace learning to be informed has high evaluation from school done the next village simply because we have such history.

In addition, we build relief, the school excursion conduct system which we considered safely so that parents feel relieved, and children are seen to zamami village.

Through Nature of zamami village and interchange with people of island full of human touch, we want you to spend school excursion of memorable pleasant Okinawa.... We accept school excursion in such thought.

We look for on-site training spot

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H30 year Zamami school excursion document. pdf

[H30] Accommodations information. pdf

※Please refer for list of charges than the following files.


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01 Zamami Island school excursion document (30 version). pdf

02 list of charges (H31 year version) _ Zamami. pdf

List of 03 school excursions, designated guest houses (the H30 year). pdf

04 accommodations plan (the H30 year) .pdf

05 Zamami experience-based program (the H30 year). pdf

07 Zamami Island school excursion model course (2018) .pdf

08 emergency flow chart (H30 year version). pdf


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