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Camping Information

In Zamami Village, camping can be enjoyed all-year-long.
The Zamami Campground is the only location equipped with camping facilities in the village.
It is campground of young people trip village close to Ama beach that one shino cottage for rent added.
Except young people trip village campground please note that cannot camp.
・File for young people trip village campground, camping print of Ama beach is (Japanese) .pdf from this
                       Camping using guide in English.pdf
800 campgrounds. jpg
 Zamami Port ⇔    Young people trip village campground (Ama beach) approximately 1.6 kilos
 Foot             Time required approximately 25 minutes 
 Use of village bus time required five minutes adult /1 name / 300 yen child /1 name / 150 yen
 ​[inquiry of Ama campground] Young people trip village campground TEL 098-987-3259
Communication malfunction of phone line restored on Thursday, November 8. We are very sorry that we cause trouble for long term.
※Uninhabited island is put under ban of camping. 
 nishibamabichi of Aka Island declines camping for environmental conservation of field.
   Thank you for your understanding. 

Guidance of young people trip village campground (Zamami Island) close to Ama beach

 Intellect news                            
We make reservation of campground, cottage from 9:00 on the same day two months ago.
As for the customer of the use, I would like reservation after inquiry.
Customer of tent bringing, please reserve use of campground, too.
Please refrain from carry-on of generator.
Use of apparatus (air conditioner boxes with lamplight device, electric fan, power supply) to use electricity for is not possible.
Use of accommodation of campground is limited to customer of sightseeing purpose.
Other than sightseeing purpose as a substitute for ya, house cannot use.
After the ship arrival in port, we may not answer telephone to support window, and to be crowded
I apologize for the inconvenience, but please call back some other time.
At the time of typhoon approach, we think in Safety First of customer,
We may close campground.
I would like understanding and cooperation.
At the time of changes of weather which is sudden at the time of bad weather in camping being easy to be affected by weather
You change schedule to move to guest house, and please act after self-responsibility
We are always aware of being in nature and hope that we do not overdo it.
Use of campground charges

Figure of campground. jpg

Adult (more than junior high student)  Overnight one person 300 yen

Child (primary schoolchild of 6 years old - 12 years old) overnight one person 150 yen

       ※Infants who are lower than primary schoolchild are free    

  ・Admission, the hotel charges, shower rate are included in rate.

  ・Use of credit card is impossible

  ・Only in minors cannot stay

            Bedtime Quiet Time 21:00 ...
We are excited about loud voice in other customers troubling, and act to provide loud sound is not expected. We would like calmly by night.
※We may have you leave in some cases.
                                     Figure of campground. pdf  

■ Reception desk management ridge  

320 management ridges. jpg

・Reception hours (from 9:00 to 17:00) ※There is change by season
 ※Please accept before tent setting
 ※When you are not in time for time in, please contact beforehand.

・Application entry / payment (only as for the cash) / rental product delivery

・Zamami village designated garbage bag sale 
   Large (45L) /1 piece /40 Japanese yen small (20L) one piece /20 Japanese yen

・One baggage custody Exit /1 day /200 Japanese yen (there is no locker)

・Receipt (Yu-Pack / Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.) of home delivery
 Receipt only as for the prepayment (one baggage custody rate Exit /1 day / 200 yen)
   〒901-3403 Ama, Zamami-son, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa campground management ridge is addressed
 ※When is filled out article name with camping tool, by surface mail is often transported, and please think with arrival one week later.
 ※Designation recommends designation that is earlier than the day of the accommodation on arrival date of baggage.

800 shower ridges. jpg

■ Campsite
・Promenade of doorway, the hall of sandy beach, beach, please do not pitch tent.
 Open fire, open fire, fireworks in the campsite and beach are prohibition!
 When you use fire, please use joint kitchen or BBQ stand and cooker.
■ Shower restroom ridge  
・Shower only as for the cold water
 ※Warm water shower of cottage in the facility is available only in winter.
    Of 300 yen per person once (from 10:00 to 16:00)
    Please stop by to management ridge on the use     
■ Joint kitchen  
・We can drink washing space tap water.
・Please bring furnace ground charcoal, firewood. You die down with water, and please throw away ash, charcoal after use with "burning garbage" (there is not sale with management ridge).

  Joint kitchen. jpg  Furnace. jpg  Washing space. jpg

Stock is limited. Please make a reservation beforehand by all means.
At the time of rental, we keep deposit 1,000 yen. We refund only when there are not damage and loss.
There are no rental and sale of canned tarp table, chair, flashlight, lantern gas, protecting against insects spray, mosquito-repellent incense. Please bring.

800 tents size. jpg

■ Tent (very much) overnight / one / 2,500 yen (for ... four people)     
  Dome type W270cm X D270cm X H180㎝ 
■ Tent (the inside) overnight / one / 2,000 yen (for two people)     
  Dome type W210cm X D180cm X H110㎝
■ Tent (the small) overnight / one / 1,000 yen (for one person)       
  Dome type W210cm X D120cm X H100㎝
■ BBQ stand (very much) overnight / one / 2,000 yen (four people ...)
     (top plate size 58cm *40cm)800 tent small. jpg
■ BBQ stand (the small) overnight / one / 1,000 yen (for 1-3 people)
    (top plate size 45cm *32cm)    
 Contents: BBQ stand (charcoal type), tong two, detergent, gold scrubbing brush
      Iron plate or one piece of net either (overnight /1 piece 300 yen additional in the case of the both use)
※You wash BBQ stand, top plate, tong, and please return.
※Please process used charcoal as garbage which dies down with water, and burns.
※Please bring charcoal, ingredients, seasoning, tableware, match (there is not sale with reception desk management ridge)
■ Sleeping bag overnight /1 unit /500 Japanese yen 
・Size 190cm X 190 that widened size 84cm *190cm, fastener with envelope type㎝

■ Mat overnight /1 piece /300 Japanese yen (silver mat 60cm *180cm *6mm)



About disposal of garbage        
You separate to zamami village designation garbage bag, and please abandon to hall garbage station.
Please throw away charcoal after use as "burning garbage"
Classification → "Bottle" "can" "plastic bottle" "garbage which burns"
     "Garbage" (please put in the bucket for exclusive use of garbage in garbage station)
Reservation, inquiry
We make reservation of Ama campground from the same day two months ago on use day
Zamami village campground management ridge 098-987-3259 9:00 ~17 time

Zamami village young people trip village campground reception desk management ridge reception hours from 9:00 to 17:00 ※There is change by season

098-987-3259 ★050-3549-4304

※Before reservation, we recommend confirmation of surface mail of Tomari Port ⇔ Zamami Port and reservation.
※Please make a reservation after inquiry on the use in rental hope and group beforehand.

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