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Stand-upper paddleboard

Stand-upper paddleboard

pd_1.jpgMarine sports born in Waikiki to take longish board, and to row in riding, paddle (oar). Youth of island began even zamami village and became popular.

Despite inland sea where wave is quiet, there are passage of opportunity and traffic of boat, too. You wear life jacket, and please enjoy by guide company of island.







Photographer: Kiyotaka Kitajima

Simply because it is the sea excellent at transparency...


The sea excellent at transparency to be able to foresee to the bottom of the sea of sand bar is Kerama Nara.
It is right best Field of stand-upper paddleboard.
We are glad that the equipment is easy if we borrow board and paddle in shop.

We have you coach how to get on well and enjoy between sea kayaking and diving and....
As content of service varies according to shops, please refer.

On Sunday, July 14, 2013, SUP race is planned in zamami village.



Shop which can enjoy stand-upper badorubodo is this


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