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Way of enjoying zamami village

We look at state, and Murashima walk, Nordic walks

2/1 - 4/5 period limitation! Zamami village norudikkuhoeru holding!


With norudikkuhoeru……

Nordic events walking X whale watching!

In Nature of zamami village, local guide leads to observation deck by Nordic events walking. We can expect archipelago scenery of national park proud of to the world and can taste feeling of member of sounding out whale deriving whale watching ship from observation deck. And can you look at swimming mother whale and a cute child whale if lucky?……!

It is limited tour only for homecoming period of whale. Please enjoy both the mountains of Zamami and the sea luxuriously!


 It is for norudikkuhoeru HP publication. jpg


Local guide and trip around the islands zamami village Nordic events walking













What is Nordic events walking?

By walking of origin in Finland, the popularity rises more and more in Japan and attracts attention. We assist walk campaign by walking using two exclusive poles (stock) and can use muscle of the upper body positively, too. There are fewer burdens to knee, waist than normal walking and is good to way of zamami village with ups and downs. Besides, as for "normal 1.2 times," there is calorie consumption! They take vivid scenery of southern country and air of mountain including abundant phytoncide to whole body, and both heart and body will get well!


Originally it enjoy regardless of age sex by opening casually to have walked around the fields and mountains that there is not of the snow with stock and shoes as physical strength maintenance, reinforcement training between summer, and in late years North European cross-country runner attracts attention by the reason of efficiency of exercise being very high. We hold Nordic events walking tour in zamami village Tourism Association. We go up to observation deck and stroll in beach and do over island across bridge and can choose course while talking with instructor. If instructor opens on date, it is occasional. The time required is approximately two hours.

... Zamami Island ...

・The beginner's class ★ "Old Zamami beach course" roundtrip 3km

Old Zamami beach 1.jpg

Goal to aim at won two stars in "Michelin green guide japon",

Taste beach between paradise itself Koza.

The rich sea attracting the world raises refreshment to walk still more.

・Intermediate ★★ "Beach observation deck course of God" roundtrip 6km

①Beach observation deck of God. jpg

Course that the sea breezes walk shoreline where feeling is good for and gentle hill, and aims at "beach observation deck of God."

Look around distantly to Tokashiki Island on Kumejima, the east side in the west from observation deck,

It is right open feeling of the great prospects! We can overlook Ama beach of sand bar, too.

・The upper grade ★★★ "High Gassan observation deck course" roundtrip 3km

High Gassan observation deck scenery. JPG

Course toward best superb view point "high Gassan observation deck" of Shimauchi.

It is hard course going up hard slope of incline,

Scenery to look around from top of goal is impression itself!

We can overlook "ura of yasumamori" stained with gradation and green and heki of the beautiful sea.

... Aka Island, Geruma Island ...

・Intermediate ★★ "Aka - Kerama Airport course" roundtrip 6km

3, Ohashi, Aka .jpg

We cross Geruma Bridge more and, across Aka Ohashi where the sea and green superb view spread out, go at destination

Go over `` island; course of ``.

Across the sea; can have a special experience.

There is moderate ups and downs and can enjoy walking full of changes.

※Original course setting is possible depending on request of customer.

Please consult with guide about course to physical strength.


... information ...                     

・Holding time from October to May  ※Please contact tourist association for the details.

・Time required from 120 minutes to 180 minutes 

・Held number of people two people - reservation required              

・Tour fare adult 3,780 yen

       Child 1,890 yen ※Less than primary schoolchild

[thing / pole guide charges included in tour fare, premium]

・Rental only for pole is possible, too.

       Adult 1,620 yen

       810 yen for children ※Less than primary schoolchild

Kerama azalea .JPG

Mt. Nordic events tour - model plan - Takatsuki observation deck course (upper grade)

Look at ... queen state; the first flight embarkation example ...

9:00 Naha Tomari Port departure 

Arrival at 9:50 Zamami Port    We accept at tourist information center

10:30 class start      Explanation, warm-up by guide

10:50 walking leaves!  Walking guide the history of zamami village

                 We guide with story of climate happily.

We watch arrival scenery at high Gassan observation deck at 11:30 and take a ceremonial photograph♪

12:00 descent from a mountain (Zamami Port) stretch cool-down

The 13:00 tour end     Thank you♪

※It is just indication at tour time. By time, weather navigation time for ship

As you may be changed, come after confirmation.

Zamami village 1.JPG

... application is ... to this

General zamami village Tourism Association 

TEL: 098-987-2277 FAX: 098-987-2278

〒901-3402 95, Zamami, Zamami-son, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa 2F

・Come with belonging, clothes / drink, mobile clothes, sports shoes.

※We walk with pole in both hands. When there is baggage, please leave at Sightseeing Association.

・Meeting place / zamami village Tourism Association window (Zamami Island tourist information center, Aka, Geruma Island tourist information center)

・Please consult / at the departure time

Geruma Bridge. jpg

Participation ... which we look forward to heartily of ... all of you

From island to island

Point of island walk from this

s Aka village and bridge. jpg

Zamami village is remote island village consisting of more than 20 islands. It is Zamami Island (zamamijima), Aka Island (akajima), Mishima of Geruma Island (germanium) that person lives. And there is Kerama Airport one more, and there is Kojima called Jinoshima (fukajijima), too. It is island of same Kerama Islands, but they are separated in the sea, and both temper of person and island words are different if scenery is different. As well as Malin leisure, customers who enjoyed these trips around the islands increased recently.

Mishima of Aka Island and Geruma Island, foreign land island is connected at bridge, but Zamami Island with government office becomes independent. Island wanderer can make village ferry "mitsushima" connecting Zamami and Aka (one-way 300 yen 4 roundtrip a day) into casually. In island, please use rental of bicycle and motorcycle. There is rent-a-car in Zamami Island, too. (as for the photograph Aka Ohashi)

Village walk


Geruma island that there was government office, and skidded in Zamami Island with many shops, Aka island where village was organized facing the beautiful beach, old Okinawa in time. Alley, sand that wall of old coral stone spreads out are trod down on, and narrow paths to shine slightly white remain in full moon if we walk each village. We may meet women of island saying grace in haisho in well and everywhere.

Zamami village does not have just what witty shops stand in a row, but should be able to have you touch living and faith of south remote island.

 (as for the photograph Asa village)

To observation deck


If enjoy superb view of inland sea of Kerama, after all to observation deck. Islands have many observation decks. High Gassan of Zamami Island and the beach of God, inner seascape that Amagi (amagusuku) of Aka Island is splendid, observation deck of the north side of Zamami island are the opening magnificent ocean in front. Observation deck of foreign land island is 360-degree superb view. Observation deck overlooking the west of island is popular in time of the setting sun. (as for the photograph high Gassan)

To forest road to forest

keramajika.JPG 090829 Japanese wood pigeon S.JPG

It is zamami village boasting beauty of the sea, but, in fact, south nature is just left in forest of island. Women come to pick up wild grass from Okinawa Island and see group taking photograph of wild bird and butterflies and. As habu is not to islands of zamami village, we can go into forest. In early summer, morning comes in kurururu of ruddy kingfisher and voice to call, and black paradise flycatcher butterfly warbles to "luck, he Hoshi Hoshi" in beautiful voice in forest. We should be able to come across Kerama dimosquito in morning and evening if he/she stays at Aka Island, Geruma Island.

(as for neither photograph Kerama dimosquito and Japanese wood pigeon natural monument)




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