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Disaster prevention information

 Fear that typhoon 24 approaches the Okinawa Island district from the night of September 28, 2018, and storm warning is announced

But, we open refuge in zamami village from 1:00 p.m. on September 28, 2018 because there is.

 Zamami Island : The third floor of the zamami village government office

 Aka Island  :    Aka health center

Voluntary person evacuated to brings thing which others such as food and drink, medicine are necessary for, and please evacuate.

Please be careful about future typhoon information.

Zamami village government office general affairs, welfare section 098-987-2311

 About the blackout number of houses and area, restoration possibility, we can confirm on homepage of Okinawa Electric Power.

 Okinawa Electric Power homepage: http://www.okiden.co.jp/

                                                    TEL 0120-586-701


 Based on large-scale earth and sand disaster in Hiroshima-shi that occurred on August 20, 2014, we publicize area figure of earth and sand disaster black spot in Motomura for disaster prevention awareness of inhabitants, improvement of crisis control.

Black spot in Motomura becomes 3 districts in Aka district, Asa district, Zamami district, and area, please refer to the following files.


Aka district earth and sand disaster black spot. pdf

Asa district earth and sand disaster black spot. pdf

Zamami district earth and sand disaster black spot. pdf


Still about evacuation site


Asa, Zamami district……Zamami village government office

Aka district………………Health center


It becomes in this.

 We made zamami village disaster prevention map which evacuation sites were urgently listed in at the time of disaster.

We are to publish this disaster prevention map in village and facility.

We make English, Korean, Chinese (two kinds) other than Japanese and pick up at any time.


Please confirm with file as follows.

Japanese edition

Zamami village disaster prevention map (Zamami Island version) .pdf

Zamami village disaster prevention map (Aka Island, Geruma Island, foreign land island version) .pdf

English version

Zamami village disaster prevention map English version (Zamami Island version) .pdf

Zamami village disaster prevention map English version (Aka Island, Geruma Island, foreign land island version) .pdf



 When disaster occurs in Motomura whom tourist, foreigner visits, you ensure the security without distinction of Japanese, foreigner for user and must protect appropriately. We devised this manual to build the system which could perform refuge instruction or reporting for tourist, foreigner without being upset by outbreak such as sudden earthquakes.


Please confirm than file as follows.

Refuge support plan for tourist, foreigners and first action manual. pdf


 We plan maintenance of emergency management administration that is general and premeditated to pillar in "it goes to thing, and it deals quickly" "to prevent disaster precisely" that zamami village regional plan for disaster prevention is basic of anti-disaster measures "making all possible measures for subsequent restoration" three and promotion and are intended that we protect life and body of villager and property from disaster.


Please confirm with the following file.


Zamami village regional plan for disaster prevention. pdf



For disaster



Mental attitude from day is important to minimize damage by disaster.

The preparation from day

We deepen knowledge about disaster that may be caused near home, and let's do confirmation of course to evacuation site and there, preparations for emergency takeout product.

Acquisition of right information

We listen to information about disaster from news media and village office and will make to be made to be puzzled by belief or false rumor.

Precise, quick action

If disaster occurs, based on right disaster prevention knowledge, let's do quick refuge calmly.

If big earthquake comes

Let's run away to designated refuge place or hill with emergency takeout product immediately.

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